Celtic Peoples Party Of Ireland

On today’s show I was joined by Kevin Wallace the Deputy Leader of, “The Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland.” The agenda I prepared for discussion was: Kevin’s background and how he came into Nationalism; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland, how this was established, its mission statement, and how people can find out about and support this; who is welcome to join the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland, and how does it address the Loyalist/Republican issue that has historically divided the Irish people.

Kevin also kindly added to the agenda and presented: the banking crisis, how it happened in Ireland, mechanics of debt based money, credit cycles, deflationary spirals and subsequent asset purchases by banks; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy on debt based money; Irish identity and its ongoing destruction in favour of “multiculturalism” the contradiction of this and its parallels in Europe; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy regarding immigration; the emergence of liberal culture in Ireland and its antecedent (i.e. the fall of the Catholic Church); some Jewish superstars of Irish liberalism and their hypocrisy; Fiona O’ Loughlin’s proposed bill for hate crime legislation and the two tier justice system it would create including parallels with Rotherham and how “hate speech” and “hate crime” created a culture of silence; and the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy on homelessness and societal problems (crime, community support, state services) and how it ties in with Nationalism.

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