As we take a third look at the animal farm, we see the great green pastures full of grass and the dew
that lies upon each of its blades. There we see the sheep in the field feeding. There is a dog or two that control the movements of the herd. There are also those among the sheep that help to police not only themselves, but other sheep. The sheep learn to individually police themselves as well. They, like the pigs, and dogs, are in a prison which is lodged within their own minds.  The sheep have even allowed themselves to be tagged. In the corporations of the  (((PIGS))) they are known as human resources. The grass is not Yahweh’s pure grass, it has been genetically modified by a (((PIG))) run company called Monsanto. The (((PIGS))) have ensured that the sheep will not remain healthy, at least not for long. The water they drink used to come from pure streams that Yahweh provided. In the guise of protecting the sheep, pigs, and dogs, the (((PIGS))) have put dangerous materials into the water troughs. This is designed to slowly poison the the sheep, pigs, and dogs. It is also to make them docile, weak, and unaware. The sheep were much smarter in generations past, but now they have been dumbed-down. They are comfortably numb. The feed bins have genetically modified feed that has additives which cause the sheep to become obese and prone to many diseases. They have become fat, dumb, and happy for the moment in which they live. Their strength has been diminished so they will not be able to resist, at least not for long. The blue sky above is laden with chemtrails designed to introduce heavy metals, cancer, and to change the nature of the soil. The sheep are not aware of any of these things. They just keep eating the grass and drinking the so-called water. They breath in the chemtrails and are not even aware that the lines are in the sky. Why, you ask? They are gazing into their smart tvs, computers, ipads, and smartphones that the (((PIGS))) have sold them to monitor their every thought or so they’ve been told.


The (((PIGS))) have all day and night to think of new ways to kill, steal, and destroy the animals. The (((PIGS))) use their controlled media to preach sermons of devils to the animals.
They never get to hear the truth of Yahweh or His shepherds, because the (((PIGS))) control the media.
The fake shepherds that the (((PIGS))) employ, teach the animals perverse doctrines that will ensure their destruction when the judgement day arrives. As I have said before, the (((PIGS))) know that they have no chance in the scope of eternity, so they are doing as much as they can to put the animals in the same condition. The (((PIGS))) encourage hybrids, race mixing of animals, and experimental science that brings forth horrible corruptions of Yahweh’s creations. They encourage the male animals to have sex with other male animals, female animals in the same fashion. They even encourage mix breeding. All of these acts are forbidden by Yahweh. When the animals play along in the game, they are the ones that will receive the judgements for these heinous acts. The (((PIGS))) know this and are well pleased. They love to congratulate each other with awards and stories in their media. The problem is that the war declared by Yahweh in the garden is almost only being waged by the (((PIGS))). The animals are unaware that a war exists against them and has been in operation since before they were born.
Here we see in the book of Genesis the declaration of war between the two seed lines (OFFSPRING):

14 And the Yahweh said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

The Hebrew word for seed is Zera and it means Offspring. This means the serpent has literal offspring and of course, the woman Eve of the Race of Adam has offspring. This is the war that has continued unto this present day and will continue until the serpent seed line is destroyed by Yahweh. This seed line is known as נָחָשׁ Nachash, Esau-Edom, and modern Jewry. The (((PIGS))).

Here we see how the animals are mixed and destroyed by hybridization.



The true shepherds of Yahweh and even Yahweh Himself call out to the sheep. They give stark warnings that are not heeded by the sheep. The sheep may raise their heads for a moment, but they just go back to eating their genetically modified grass. The animals would rather obey the (((PIGS))) for they are afraid of the names the (((PIGS))) call them. Also, the (((PIGS))) run the farm because of trickery and usury. The (((PIGS))) took away the farms and gave the animals jobs so that they would rely on the (((PIGS))) for their food and their livelihood. The animals must toe the line and go down well-trodden corridors if they are to keep their jobs and sustain themselves. The free speech that they once enjoyed has been diminished by the (((PIGS))). The (((PIGS))) can’t allow any dissent against themselves, and since they control the livelihood of the animals, the animals fear the (((PIGS))) and their media. The sheep fear the dogs and pigs as well.


The (((PIGS))) have been shaping the minds of the animals with their media and now the farm is almost unrecognizable. The (((PIGS))) caused the revolution on the farm which brought this all about. Remember, four legged good and two legged bad? It would have been much better for the animals if they had never listened to the (((PIGS))). It would have been easier if they just obeyed Yahweh. Now they will suffer the consequences of their actions and pay a heavier price than they have already paid to the (((PIGS))). There is a way that seems right to the sheep and this way leads to death. The sheep are lost and have no idea who they are. The sheep perish and have been perishing a very long time for the lack of knowledge. The sheep have no direction and have become wanderers. The sheep actually believe they know the truth though they don’t. They will defend the lies that they have been taught with tooth and nail. The sheep have closed the door to Yahweh and will be surprised when He declares that He never knew them. I could go on and on but I think you get the message.


Yes, this story is a sad one. I know the ending though, and it will turn out good for the few and bad for many. The farm, the feed, the water, the air, the perceptions, history, goodness, common sense, righteousness and so many more lost or stolen precepts will be restored to the race of Adam. Those who remain faithful to Yahweh shall not be disappointed I assure you. The earth shall be renewed and the poisons that the (((PIGS))) have used to damage everything shall be eradicated along with the (((PIGS))). Woe unto the sheep, dogs, and pigs that continue to obey the (((PIGS))) in our time.
You will be very sorry and you will be destroyed along with the (((PIGS))). Some of you that continue to believe you will rule with the (((PIGS))) shall be destroyed by them.

May you all awaken before it’s too late. You have no idea how horrible it will be for you if you end up with the (((PIGS))).

Until Next Time
David James