July 29 2016 – Nothing New Under The Sun

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Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and begins the show with a quote from an article exposing the Jewish role in the Moslem conquest of Spain, how they collaborated with them and invited them into the country. The same is being done to us today, the loudest voices calling for Islamic immigration into White countries are the Jewish ones. The idea that Jews and Moslems are opposed to one another, is shown to be completely false by the historical record.

Matt points out that this is a strategy that the Jews have been using for centuries, they pretend to be members of a nation, they pretend to convert to Christianity and then they act as a fifth column in the country that has welcomed them in. In America they pretend to be White when it is convenient and they want to promote multiculturalism, then they admit that they are Jewish when they want to deflect criticism by crying ‘Anti-Semitism’.

Andy points out that the Jews were given advice 500 years ago to become merchants, doctors and conversos, but they prefer not to become politicians as they would rather use gentile puppets as the frontmen for their schemes. The role of a government is to protect it’s people, yet instead of doing that, our Jewish controlled governments are just inviting more Moslems in and calling for restrictions on defensive weapons instead. Matt gives an example in Britain of restrictions even being placed on pocket knives, yet if the Moslems were not in our countries in the first place, all those hundreds of White victims of Islamic terror in Europe this year would still be alive.

Guns are not the problem, Jews and Moslems are the problem.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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