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D.A. Hanks – Exposing The Frauds Of Nature And Technology


Today the environmental expert, D.A. Hanks, returns to discuss current environmental threats to our planet which do not include the climate change fraud. Instead he presents proof of how the earth’s poles are shifting, and provides evidence that this is not the first time this has happened in our planet’s history.

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Dr. Lorraine Day – Dr. Day’s School Of Truth – Lesson Two

Dr. Lorraine Day

Today Dr. Day returns to continue this series which she has produced for the show. She begins by covering some recent events and we discuss how whilst shocking things are occurring around the world, we can take heart in the fact that these are prophecised in scripture.

We then run through the destruction of the U.S. Military which is going on now together with evidence of how this is happening, and the jewish elimination of the White Race including Britain’s plan to phase out ‘Whiteness” by 2030.

Click Here For The Article, “Britain To Phase Out Whiteness By 2030,” From Fellow Euro Folk Radio Presenter, David James’, Website 

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Pastor Bob Jones – In The Name Of Yahweh – Part 2

Pastor Bob Jones

On today’s show Pastor Bob returns to continue our Identity series based purely upon the scripture. In this series we will go through my book, “In The Name Of Yahweh,” in its entirety, discussing the scripture I referred to in the book. On this our second show, we start with Genesis 3:14, Pastor Bob also recommends an excellent scriptural resource on the internet called Bible Gateway, where you can compare scriptural verses from a variety of Bibles online.

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Mike Walsh – My First Days In 10 Downing Street

Mike Walsh

Today Mike Walsh returns to offer his insight into what he would do if he were Prime Minister of Britain. We take a slight departure from the, “My First Days In The White House,” series in which Deanna Spingola, John Friend, and Scottie Spencer have already advised what they would do as President of the U.S.A. The principle is the same, but as Mike is British we have switched from President of the U.S.A. to Prime Minister of Britain. Mike also incorporates into his presentation, some of his excellent research on Bolshevism, which you can also find in his excellent new book, “Trotsky’s White Negroes.”

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Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – The Nation Of Islam’s Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

In today’s show, Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson returns to discuss the Nation of Islam book, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews – Volume One.”

I prepared for this show by reading the book in its’ entirety and quoting from 23 different sections of the book, to which Matt provided his comments.

It is important to note that this book only came about after the Nation of Islam sought to disprove research that it was the Jews and not the White Race who were behind the slave trade. Their research led them to reverse this opinion and indeed provide irrefutable evidence that it was the Jews who were behind the slave trade, and not just in America but worldwide.

The show starts with the accusation that it is the Jews who are, “conclusively linked to the greatest criminal endeavor ever undertaken against an entire race of people – a crime against humanity: the Black African Holocaust.”

We discuss how the, “Jews were among the most important slave dealers in European society,” and “the principal purchasers of slaves were found among the Jews…”

Was Christopher Colombus a Jew? Jewish sources seem to think so. Evidence is also presented of the Jews behind the slave trade in: Colonial South America; the Caribbean; and in Colonial North America.

The Jewish practice of, “sealing their relationship with drops of blood from pricked fingers,” is addressed, which we compare to a similar Mafia ritual, and begs the question whether the Mafia was led by Italians or in fact Jews?

The book claims that, “Slave owning was a status symbol among Jews, who held slaves in higher proportions than other Southern families – in fact by almost 2 to 1 higher.”

We then discuss, “Jews engaged in the widespread practice of the sexual exploitation of dependant female slaves,” and how, “Jewish marriage contracts from the Middle Ages include the condition that the husband promise not to buy a female slave without his wife’s consent…” A discussion then ensues as to the amount of lighter skinned blacks in the world today who could well be descendants of race-mixing between Black slaves and their Jewish masters, which could explain the increasingly visible predatory nature of Blacks today.

I conclude the show by giving details of a couple of Jewish slave owners, Aaron Lopez, and the Monsanto family who as we know are behind GMO today.

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