July 8 2016 Andrew Carrington Hitchcock – Dallas Black-on-White Cop-Massacre

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The Daily Traditionalist

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach to discuss the attack on White police in Dallas by Black supremacists. He points out that since Trayvon Martin, the government and the media have been promoting these Black thugs who get shot by the Police as if they were saints. One of the Blacks recently shot by police was actually a paedophile and the other deceased Black, was reaching into his pocket when he had been told by the police not to.

Rev Jeff Hood was leading the ‘anti-racism’ march in Dallas and ACH points out that he is a complete degenerate, publishing books about queers and calling Christ a trans-sexual. Black nationalist groups such as the Nation of Islam who try to promote what is good for Blacks never get any publicity, it is only BLM who get the media attention and that is because they are not a pro-Black movement but are an anti-White organisation. Black nationalists call for a Black homeland, BLM supporters call for White cops to be killed.

The Jews hate any sort of nationalism and their reason for bringing Blacks into America and Moslems into Europe is so that they mix with the White race. They do not want a disciplined Black nationalist opposition to us, they want violent criminals running these organisations so they cause us the most damage and never even think of calling for segregation. Andrew quotes Obama practically saying that he understands why Blacks shoot White cops and contrasts him with Pastor Manning, who runs a disciplined organisation of Blacks and calls the renegade Negroes ‘animals’.

Matt brings up the sponsorship of these organisations by George Soros and the threats that they have been making about what they are going to do if Trump gets elected. ACH wonders if they could try to use this incident to blackmail Trump with, by saying he has to step down if he wants to avoid more of this kind of thing happening. He thinks there will now be an escalation in violence, maybe even Obama could use it stay on and not leave his post. What we do know is that whatever they do, they will not be blaming Blacks for this and we can already see the government and the media blaming guns for it instead.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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