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Sven Longshanks

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock begins his first show for Radio Aryan by interviewing the producer, Sven Longshanks.

Subjects covered include how Sven came to be doing what he is doing, what brought him to Nationalism and the Alt-Right and what he hopes to achieve with Radio Aryan.

His time at the Daily Stormer is also talked about and how he first started making podcasts, before moving on to concentrate on managing the internet radio site.

After the biography he explains why he sees miscegenation as being the most dangerous threat that we face. All other forms of harm to us can be remedied, but once you go Black, you are never coming back.

He also talks about the Jewish infiltration of our institutions, which has led to the lowering of our standards in everything, particularly our moral standards.

He also explains how his faith in Christianity inspires him to serve the White race and gives him hope, encouraging him to always resist the temptations that the Jews put before us.

We do have control over our own lives, even if we do not have control over the establishment and we should always be working to improve ourselves and striving to be the best people we can be.

By not getting loans, not using credit cards, not watching pornography, not engaging in casual sex or drug use and by taking an obvious stand against the Jewish subversion of our societies, we can free ourselves from being in bondage to him through our passions.

Even if our countries do remain under Jewish control, at least then we as individuals are not.

Presented by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock with special guest Sven Longshanks

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