The main watering hole for listening to EFR. Either go to eurofolkradio.com/radio or click the LISTEN LIVE NOW link at the top right of the site to bring up a pop up player. The player also features the program schedule for the day and the week as well as a Chat Room, a program Twitter feed and other information. EFR on the web streams at 64k AAC.



You can now listen to EFR by calling US number 605 475 1770 on AudioNow. The cost of this call is included in your mobile minutes so for US listeners, instead of paying more for data, you can now dial in and, if you have unlimited call minutes on your mobile plan, listen for as long as you like at no extra cost.

fm-transmitterALSO – by using one of THESE (an FM transmitter that you plug in to your car’s cigarette lighter), you can play EFR through your car audio system as you drive around. You can connect your phone to the FM transmitter either by Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack to jack audio lead. (We use this one which is a mere $15).



EFR is now listed on Streema. You can listen to EFR via Streema on the web (just click the player and a player will pop up) but where it comes in really handy is as an App for your Iphone or Android smartphone. Once installed just search for "eurofolkradio", save to favourites and you're all set. EFR on Streema streams at 128k mp3.



EFR is also listed on Tunein. Works in the same way as Streema. Click the player to the left to listen to EFR via Tunein and/or download the Iphone or Android App for your smartphone. Using the App version of Tunein you can listen in either 128k mp3 or 48k AAC (for cutting down on data costs). You can also listen to EFR on Tunein's website HERE




USE any of the following streaming links to play EFR in your favourite media player. We recommend VLC as it works on practically every operating system. The VLC App for Android and iPhone plays both MP3 and AAC formats so by streaming at 64k AAC you will save on data useage. There is practically no difference in audio quality between 128k mp3 and 64k AAC as AAC has better compression codecs. We also provide a reduced bandwidth 48kbps AAC stream which still provides excellent audio quality.

128 kbps MP3 Stream URL:   http://stream.eurofolkradio.com:8000/mp3  (click this link to play in your browser)

64 kbps AAC Stream URL:   http://stream.eurofolkradio.com:8000/aac