Frans “Timidman” Timmermans Says “Europe will be diverse or war!”
War it is then.

Come, see the liberal. Hear his heartless, godless arrogance. Note his smug, bland colleagues. See his well ironed shirt. Note the thin bloodless lips spraying verbal puke. See the face of the race traitor. Remember it well.

A comment from YouTube:

Robert Frost 1 day ago

“Diversity comes with challenges…”

Not for you, Dear Leader. You will not live among the Africans or the Arabs. You will have your armed security (tax payer funded). Your children and grandchildren will go to school privately, not with the Africans and Arabs. No, diversity will not challenge you… not at first.

But as the murders and rapes escalate, and as the children are subjected to such horrors, a fire will rise. Slowly. The explosive force of Nationalism does not derive form an impulse, but is rather the inevitable result of decades of deep-simmering anger. Anger at the lies. Anger at the intentional, blatant genocide of the White race. This anger festers bitterly behind a veil of denial, and it depends on the selfishness of society – for above all else, it is self-interest that keeps the European silent. To be branded as a racist – is to be blacklisted. It means losing one’s job for certain, and often means prison time. Families remain silent, or even claim to be progressive themselves, lest they be denounced. But always there is a climate of contempt for the “rulers” that sit removed from the violence propagated by the endless torrent of “migrants” that have been unleashed upon Europe. To endure the violence is one matter… to be forced to smile along – or to even sing the support of your attackers – is dehumanizing. It is Orwellian. It can be stomached for a time, but only for a time. For you see, Dear ruler, when a common European wears the false-mask of racial-tolerance, he or she is left feeling all the more culpable for the carnage wrought. Rightly so.

Yes… slowly the fire smolders. As more Sunnis flood the streets of a defenseless people, terrorism against innocent Europeans increases. More deaths. More orphans. As Africans from the rape capitals of the world flood the streets, more women and children are brutalized. The media suppress it, but that tactic only works in the short term. In the long term, it undermines the media itself as a tool of the State. People learn the “double-speak” and lies. Already, when the race of the suspect is not mentioned, it is inferred to be Non-White. Day by day, the common citizen experiences more personal connections to violence. The rulers do not. There is more talking. More calls for solidarity. More denouncing of Nationalists, and more imprisonment for those that call for an end to the madness. And then, almost without notice, a tipping point is reached… for more and more Europeans find themselves in a position were they have nothing to lose. Perhaps they have lost a loved one directly, perhaps they have lost economically, but perhaps they simply not longer see a place for themselves in the Leftist utopia which is unfolding. No longer can they accept the lie. It is not worth it. The “self-interest” that keeps the majority silent begins to fracture. Slowly but surely, a small and yet growing number of Europeans begin to radicalize. The rulers can easily suppress them, but in so doing – they reveal their true, villainous rule. The heavy hand of the Government crushes the Right-wing “extremists.” They will not be dealt with gently, as have been the “migrants.” The laws will target the Nationalists. The rulers will feel a twinge of fear. They will sense the fire rising… and attempt to extinguish it with pure unleaded gasoline.

What you must understand about Nationalists, is that they need not become the majority to “win” Europe back from the Leftists and the jews that publicly, and rather transparently orchestrate their actions. The reason is simple: The progressive-minded majority is, by its very nature, adverse to risk. It all goes back to self-interest. The majority is actually sympathetic to the Nationalists. It is easy and natural to admire men and women who stand tall and speak the truth, undeterred by the threat of death. Defiant. Among the Leftists, there are true believers of course, but they will be dealt with in the end.

As for the rulers… well ironically, the men and women they depend on to protect them from the typical daily violence of the Africans and Arabs, now must protect them from the highly-organized threat posed by the Nationalists. The trouble is, their protectors are the very subset of the population most likely to support the Right-wing ideology (particularly when the Government begins to attack it with ruthless determination). It takes two or three dozen agents to protect a minor Representative, but only one agent (who has switched sides) to eliminate his dear benefactor. Oligarchs often quip that half the poor can be hired to kill other half in the event of turmoil… glossing over the fact that, historically, “leaders” with this mindset have often been retired by a merciless mob.

The point? A gulf is growing between those that make policy, and those that are directly affected by it. It ferments mistrust. It creates conditions which motivate common people to action. The immigration polices, and anti-White agenda of the Leftists in Europe is the perfect recipe for disaster. This situation has been carefully conceived and set into motion by some of the smartest human beings that have ever lived. As such, it cannot be stopped before it has played out. The goal of this plot is to break White hegemony of Europe once and for all, creating a land of mixed-raced, economically dependent wage-slaves, who lack the wherewithal to detect the puppeteer’s strings which control their fate. I believe they will fail, because in my heart I believe there are still enough people left who would rather die than live a life of servile slavery, and forced complicitness in the ending of their Race.

The fire rises.