Homily for a Christian Patriot

A Tribute to Robert Lavoy Finicum

By Pastor Eli James

February 7, 2016


On Jan. 26, 2016, America lost a great friend.  Robert “Lavoy” Finicum was a hard-working rancher, a kind-hearted gentleman, a Christian and a Constitutionalist.  Above all, he was a firm believer in liberty and justice for all.

His belief in liberty came from the Bible and from the Common Law, which dates back to King Alfred the Great of England (849-899).  The Common Law is the basis of Christian jurisprudence, which includes the idea that no one is above the law – not even the king, not even the President, not even Hillary Clinton, or Barak Obama.

A long train of abuses by the feds (Bureau of Land Management in collusion with greedy “environmentalist” lawyers {earning $750/hour}, corrupt politicians and judges), unopposed by a compromised County Sheriff, David Ward, who was formerly employed by the BLM, all contributed to the “Oregon Standoff,” as it has come to be known, but which was in fact just another case of civil disobedience.  At stake were – and still are – the land rights, water rights, grazing rights which were granted by the Homestead Act of 1862 to the private citizens of the Western States.  Each homesteader could qualify for up to 160 acres of land.

This Act was set up to assist homesteaders (farmers and ranchers) to make good use of the land.  The BLM was created to assist these citizens and to make sure that the land was not bought up by real estate speculators, who would buy cheap and sell high and who would not put the land to good use, as farmers and ranchers would.  Many of these landowners have had these land rights, which include ownership of private property, much longer than any of the current federal agencies, who falsely claim to have jurisdiction over the land.  One thing the Homestead Act does not do is give the federal government, or any of its agencies, most of which are illegal, the right to own property in any of these States.

Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 9 of the US Constitution specifically empowers the federal government to create a Post Office and the power to build post roads.  It also permits the building of forts, depots and naval yards with the approval of a particular State; but it does not give the federal government ownership or the right to own any other land.   Also, the Tenth Amendment specifically states that any power not specified to the federal government resides in the States and the People, respectively.  Fittingly, the first homesteader was name Daniel Freeman; and today the BLM stands for government tyranny and the protestors represent the freemen of America, standing for liberty.

Today, the only reason the federal government has any presence in the Western States is because of gradual encroachment upon States’ Rights and Citizens’ Rights, of which Private Property is the main right of the Sovereign Citizens of America.  These government bureaucracies have no constitutional right to occupy any of these territories.  In fact the supreme authority in these territories are the County Sheriffs, who have the legal power to oust any federal bureaucrat, up to and including the President of the United States.  This is what is called local rule.   Every principle of representative government demands that the government SERVE the people, not rule over the people; but with the advent of special interest groups, such as the co-called environmentalist lobby, corporate and government lawyers make behind the scenes deals, which are often never made public.  These secret, criminal deals, rubber stamped by crooked judges, amount to legislation from the smoke-filled room of graft and corruption.

The FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC), and the one who is responsible for the murder of Lavoy Finicum, is Greg Bretzing.   Mr. Bretzing came over from the FBI office in Sandy Utah.   This office was being investigated for corruption while Mr. Bretzing was second in command.  A dozen whistleblowers accused the office of mishandling documents and lax security, with possible implications for national security.

Illegal activities and nuisance suits by the BLM against the Hammonds of Oregon had resulted in the Hammonds being sentenced to jail, even though the Hammonds did not violate any laws.  They were accused of setting a backfire, which did not injure anyone and did not destroy anyone’s property.

The feds had tried to do the same to the Bundys in Nevada a year before.  Illegal acts, such as sabotaging the very land that BLM was supposedly managing, had become the rule rather than the exception.  The City of Las Vegas has a vested interest in driving farmers and ranchers off the land, so as to acquire the water rights of Nevada, which would make it cheaper to fill the swimming pools and water fountains of the casinos.  We also found out that Senator Harry Reid’s son, Rory, was the attorney for the Chinese government in a potential land grab for a wind-farming scheme, which would have endangered thousands of terrapins – all of this while the Kept Press was demonizing the Bundys and other patriots as “armed terrorists.”  Yes, Matilda, the corporate press is not your friend, either.  These various usurpers of authority have been getting away with theft for decades.  Now, we must make sure that they don’t make a habit of getting away with murder.

Some left-wing, pinko academic might accuse me of being biased. Yes, I am biased.  I am biased against federal dictatorship.  So was Lavoy Finicum.

The fact is that the federal government is the illegal occupier of these State and Private lands.  The bureaucrats have no jurisdiction over these lands and the local sheriffs should have been telling these bureaucrats to go to hell, but the deep wallets of the corporate sponsors and the open pockets of corrupt politicians made sure to corrupt one sheriff after another…kind of like the good old days of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Lavoy Finicum was well-versed in the US Constitution, unlike these pinko academics and bureau rats.  He fully understood how the feds had been abusing the rights of ranchers for decades, ever since the communist regime of Federal Dictator Roosevelt, with his slew of unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies, none of which operate under the US Constitution.  Lavoy fully understood that it was these unconstitutional government agencies that were illegally occupying State and private lands – with the help of greedy “green” lawyers, who are actually reds, as in communists, because all of their actions have served only to create an ever-increasing dictatorship of the gubmint over we the people.  “We be da gubmint.  You be da peons.”  Otherwise called “democracy.”

As I said earlier, the government is supposed to serve the people and respect their property rights; but communists and other monopolists have always worked tirelessly to destroy the very property rights that Lavoy Fincium, the Bundys and thousands of other landowners hold as sovereign citizens.  Corporate greed, combined with government graft, conspired to gradually steal these lands from the unsuspecting citizens.

Oregon One, a Canadian mining company, was illegally given the rights to mine uranium and make billions in profits, while the ranchers were being squeezed out of the territory.  BLM was not shy about granting land to international corporations…so much for protecting the environment.

When the Hammonds were targeted by this cabal of government/corporate/military/ industrial/media complex goons, the Bundys and Finicums saw what was going on: same old, same old.  The time had come.  Enough is enough.  The feds must be put back into their Constitutional restraints.  That is what Lavoy Finicum died for.

The Hammonds were victimized by the BLM in many ways, including having their cattle killed and their property damaged.  In addition, the BLM brought numerous lawsuits against the Hammonds, which is a tactic to demoralize and bankrupt the target.  The patriots out West are all too familiar with nuisance suits, but the kept press never mentions this ruthless means of perverting the law and the courts for corporate greed.  This is what the Hammonds are facing; and this is what the patriots of the West – including thousands of landowners and citizens, who have been likewise victimized – have decided to fight, now very publicly.

We are still waiting for the corporate press to desist from the ridicule and name-calling and actually discuss these issues.  Instead, these presstitutes engage in slander and smear tactics; but the cowboys, with Bibles and Constitutions in hand, are far more eloquent than the mouthpieces down at the professional liars club, called the “free press.”  By the way, today’s “mainstream media” operates by the unethical tactics of yellow journalism, made famous by William Randolph Heart and Joseph Pulitzer.  Telling lies and peddling these lias as “news” was their stock in trade.  How can the corporate press be “free.”  It is owned by media moguls, like Disney and Murdock, and the advertisers are also giant corporations, such as Hollywood and the pharmaceutical companies.  GMO, anyone?  Get in line for your flu shot, subsidized by da gubmint.

Ronald Reagan, the Pesident that the liberals loved to hate, put it best:  “Government is not the solution to our problems.  Government IS the problem.”  It has gotten a whole lot worse since 1980.

One of the favorite slogans of the Left is “Question authority.”  The Kosher Press is doing nothing but paying obeisance to the very “authorities” they are supposed to question.  Hypocrisy and conflicts of interest are running rampant in the editorial catacombs. These are not newspapers, but noosepapers, who would hang the innocent and protect the guilty – and their own paychecks.

Having seen these abuses over and over again, and also having been victimized by the abusers himself, Robert Finicum decided that “Enough is enough” and he drove up to Oregon to support the peaceful display of civil disobedience against a corrupt government and its lapdog press.  The demonstrators are not the criminals.  It is the judges, lawyers, politicians and landgrabbers who are the crooks.  It is time that the American people know this; but the demonstrators were becoming too popular, despite the prevailing propaganda, for the BLM’s schemes.  Something had to be done.

Redress of grievances is all that these citizens were seeking; but under the last five or six presidential administrations, only leftists are permitted to demonstrate for their civil rights.  When landowners demonstrate for their civil rights, they are demonized as “terrorists” and “right-wing kooks” and “anti-government protestors.”   I haven’t heard the accusation of “conspiracy theorist” parlayed by the kept press in this affair, perhaps because the presstitutes don’t like having their names brought up as co-conspirators.

Lavoy Finicum could not take these abuses any longer, so he decided to take a stand for the rule of law, fair play, justice and liberty.  His reward for being a good American citizen and a faithful Christian was to be assassinated by a bunch of mercenary stormtroopers, jack-booted thugs under the command of FBI chief Greg Bretzing.  This was a cold-blooded, military style ambush, in which the FBI violated numerous laws, including firing at unarmed civilians, setting up a roadblock on a curve, all without probable cause or a warrant for arrest.

The question I have been asking this:  “What law did Lavoy Fincum break”?  The simple answer is that he did not break any laws.  Unlike Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri, Lavoy Finicium DID have his hands up in the air…and he was White…so much for “White privilege.”

Lavoy Finicum, I salute you as a courageous, loyal American citizen, loyal to both the Christian Bible, from which our laws derive, and the US Constitution, which is the direct result of the Mosaic Law, codified by Alfred the Great of Wessex, otherwise known as the Common Law.  These are the documents which define our Nation.  And the principles contained therein are what you lived and died for.  The FBI assaulted you and your brethren with complete disregard for the laws they are supposed to uphold.  You understood that the federal government has already become the worst enemy of the people; and you died to make other Americans aware of this fact.

Lavoy recalled the words of Patrick Henry:  “Give me liberty or give me death.”  How tyrants the world over fear these words, because a patriot who is willing to die for his friends and fellow-citizens is an example that cannot be tolerated by dictators and corrupt bureaucrats.  This type of patriot is a direct threat to their tenuous hold on the reins of power.

Jesus Christ told his disciples, “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.”  Robert Finicum, you have demonstrated exactly this kind of love; and believe me, your friends have taken notice.

I have entitled this tribute as a homily, not as a dirge or requiem, because I want to assure you, Robert, that you will never be forgotten, and because you still live in our minds and consciences.  And I know that your spirit will not rest as long as these abuses of power continue in our world.  Rather, you have brought our consciences back to life.  Christianity needs to regrow the backbone that it gave up with the doctrine of “Go along to get along.”  This is not the doctrine that was taught by the Black-Robed Regiment, the Christian Pastors who prosecuted the war against bloody King George III and the Bank of England.  These gun-totin’ pastors had the same Bible, but they led the charge against the British at Lexington and Concord.  They did not believe in kowtowing to evil, as today’s doormat churches do.   Their slogan was “No King but Jesus.”  The contrast between then and now is edifying.

The Bible says that when Jesus Christ returns to judge the living and the dead, those who are “asleep” will return with Him and His conquering angels to destroy all that is evil in the world.  Lavoy Finicum, you have taken a very public and heroic stand for that which is good.

Messiah also asked this question, “When I come, will I find faith in the earth?”  (Luke 18:8.) Brother Lavoy, He has found it in you.  May He find it in millions more…

For these reasons, and because I share your Faith, I say not “Rest in peace.”  I say rather, “Goodbye for now, until the Kingdom comes.”  And when it comes, we will surely meet again.  Looking forward to our triumphal visit, I remain your most grateful and determined friend.


Pastor Eli James

Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition.


Traitors in our midst  David Ward, “Sheriff”

SAC Greg Bretzing:

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