Ben Bradberry who wrote The Myth Of German Villainy is interviewed by League of Extraordinary Revisionists Co-Founder Jim Rizoli.

The Myth of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry . . .

. . . is possibly the best book to give to someone who is coming to this topic for the first time. In a calm and light tone Mr Bradberry lays bare the myriad of lies that have been spun and woven around the German people with particular emphasis on their supposedly evil behaviour during World War II. In simple terms the Germans were the good guys defending white Christian Europe from the onslaught of godless Judeo Bolshevik communism from the East. Race traitors in Britain and America under the control of their Jewish banking masters betrayed the people of Germany and in the long run the people of Britain and America also.

It can be very difficult for newcomers to this topic to get to grips with the simple points so effectively presented in Mr Bradberry ‘s book. We recommend it highly, whether you are a neophyte to this topic or a seasoned student. Simply put, the Allies were the bad guys, albeit deceived bad guys, and the Germans were the defenders of the heritage and decency of the white race.

Ironically and tragically the German people of today have been so thoroughly brainwashed after 70 years of Allied propaganda since the end of World War II that they are amongst the most difficult people to reach with regards to getting to grips with the truth of this epic period in history. Recent events in Germany, such as the actions taken by race traitor Angela Merkel to allow the flooding of Germany with so-called migrants and refugees shows that Germany is still a target for destruction at the hands of international Jewry. The more people that read this book the faster will the truth be revealed.