Did you know that British Prime Minister David Cameron is closely associated with Jewish pornographers and their families and that the entire British government is surrounded by a sickly aroma of smut and sleaze?

Based on this article by Guy Adams in the Daily Mail

Important note. This is an edited and abridged version of the above-mentioned article, with much added material in the form of pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon. As such, in its present form, the article would never have been published in the Daily Mail.  



LD:  The 55-year-old Ms Gold boasts, “I have empowered women in the bedroom,” referring to the sad fact that she has managed to persuade 2.5 million sexually frustrated British women to buy her company’s Rampant Rabbit vibrators each year, making her the 16th richest woman in Britain and a darling of the British political establishment. 

Smiling for the cameras as she emerged from a silver Rolls-Royce, her diamond-encrusted necklace, handbag and watch twinkling under the flashbulbs, Jacqueline Gold made quite an entrance to the Conservative Party’s last Black And White Ball.

While many other wealthy guests scurried in through a side door, a few even shielding their faces in the process, she happily stopped and posed in a velvet dress for the paparazzi who had gathered on the pavement of London’s Park Lane, outside the exclusive Grosvenor House Hotel.

It was a very public show of support for a Tory party which had, just a month earlier, unveiled Ms Gold — who as chief executive of Ann Summers is best known for bringing the ‘Rampant Rabbit’ sex toy to Britain — as its latest glamorous celebrity supporter.

It was, perhaps, in return for her political support that British Prime Minister David Cameron personally invited Ms. Gold — who is worth a reputed £240 million ($355 million) — to sit at his right hand at February’s £1,500-a-ticket ball, at which a bronze bust of Margaret Thatcher sold for £210,000 and a shoe-shopping trip with Home Secretary Theresa May fetched a four-figure sum.

Joining her at the Prime Minister’s table were such tycoons as hedge fund manager Andrew Law and City tycoon Michael Spencer.

Quite a blue chip circle, one might observe, for a brassy female entrepreneur who grew rich bringing ‘Vibrating Nipple Clamps’, ‘Couples Vibrating Love Eggs’, and the ‘Divine Prostate Massager’ to the British High Street.

Not least since Ann Summers is still (according to its annual accounts) controlled by her father David, a pornographer whose stable of degrading magazines once included ‘Teenage Hardcore’, and whose titles advertised ‘barely legal young sweet p***y’.

The British Prime Minister was doubtless perfectly comfortable in Miss Gold’s company, however. For he appears to take a relaxed attitude towards her family’s line of business.

After all, it’s only two years since British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a Conservative peerage to Karren Brady, a longstanding protégée of David Gold’s business partner David Sullivan [another Jewish porn baron] — making her his official ‘Small Business Tsar’ in the process.

Back then, it was widely noted that the convent-educated Karren Brady, nowadays best known as a sidekick of Alan Sugar [yet another prominent Jewish entrepreneur] on The Apprentice, has a colourful past for a member of the British House of Lords.

She had, after all, begun her career in the Eighties as a director of Sullivan and Gold’s ‘boobs and bums’ premium sex lines, and of their smut-filled Sport newspapers.




Karren Brady (right), was given a peerage by British PM David Cameron two years ago. She began her career in the 1980s working for Britain’s smut-filled tabloid the Sport newspaper, also promoting the ‘boobs and bum’ premium sex lines. David Sullivan (far left) and David Gold (centre), joint owners of a long list of porno magazines and the sleazy down-market Sport newspaper—running sex adds like this— were her proud Jewish employers. All these people have met and spoken with the British Prime Minister David Cameron and have helped, directly or indirectly, to steer the British government into a sordid cul de sac of dirty sex and sleaze. 

For my part, I have nothing personal against David Cameron and regard him, warts and all, as infinitely preferable to the unconvicted war criminal Tony Blair. Blair, too, took money from pornographers and invited Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond, publisher of the Daily Express and Asian Babes—and with links to the New York mafia—to tea at Downing Street. 

Here the allegedly devout Christian Blair, we are told, showed “a keen interest in his [Desmond’s] porn magazines, asking him if “Forty Plus” referred to the age of the porn models or their breast size measurements. So much for the off-duty interests of Tony Blair—who once boasted to the Sun newspaper that he could easily have sex “five times a night”, if not more, and who reflected candidly on a sexual encounter with his wife Cherie on a London bus,I was an animal following my instinct.”


Fast forward to last spring, and Jacqueline Gold’s journey to join Karren Brady at the heart of the Tory establishment was continuing apace. She campaigned vigorously for the Tories during both the election and the ensuing autumn conference season, when she hosted a fringe event addressed by Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary and Minister for Women. That journey was then completed this week, in spectacular fashion, when the New Year’s Honours were announced: the 55-year-old Jacqueline Gold, [daughter of the sleazy Jewish porn magnate David Gold], was appointed a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

On paper, this signal honour was granted for all the right reasons.

It did not, the announcement stressed, represent some form of payback for her recent decision to support David Cameron. Neither had it anything to do with a misguided notion that Britain should somehow celebrate the trade in sex toys, bondage gear and racy underwear that her 138 Ann Summers stores stock.

Instead, according to the official announcement, Jacqueline Gold was accorded the CBE — just one step down from a Damehood — for her ‘Service to Entrepreneurship, Women in Business and Social Enterprise.’

It should at this stage be stressed that during her 35-year career, Gold has undoubtedly contributed to all three spheres.

Ann Summers, which is based entirely on-shore, employs 10,000 people, including 7,000 female Ann Summers ‘party organisers’, who between them host around 4,000 Tupperware party-style events each week, becoming financially independent while they sell chocolate body paint, fluffy handcuffs, and battery-powered sex toys to guests.

The timing of the CBE, so soon after Jacqueline Gold chose to publicly support the Conservatives, will do nothing to blunt criticism that the British Honours system nowadays revolves around the most tawdry form of political patronage.

Whatever one’s views about all this, a more pertinent question thrown up by the honouring not just of Jacqueline Gold, but also of Karren Brady, is this: why, exactly, are David Cameron’s Tories choosing to get into bed with the protégées of two of Britain’s most notorious porn barons?

Karren Brady’s mentor David Sullivan, who in his Seventies heyday owned 139 sex shops, 20 magazines, 40 race horses and a number of massage parlours, used to boast that the material he peddled was ‘the strongest legally available’ in the UK.

In the spring of 1982, the self-styled ‘Prince of Porn’ was tried at Snaresbrook Crown Court on charges of living off immoral earnings; in other words, of being a pimp.

The alleged offences related to his two London massage parlours, where undercover policemen were offered sexual ‘extras’ by the ‘underpaid and exploited’ female staff who were offering ‘French and Continental’ — as sexual services were euphemistically termed — for £20.

Sullivan denied the charges but was found guilty and sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment. He served 71 days in Wormwood Scrubs and Ford Open Prison.


WORTH $1.25 billion (2015)


We read this in Wikipedia:

With his partner, David Gold, Sullivan’s first business venture was selling soft pornography photos. They expanded into sex shops, adult magazines and several low-budget blue movies, making Sullivan a millionaire by the age of 25. By the late 1970s, he was in control of half of the adult magazine market, 80% of the adult mail order market, and 150 shops.

In 1982 Sullivan was convicted of living off immoral earnings and after a successful appeal was released after serving 71 days in prison. Sullivan explained that he did not feel embarrassed about the initial source of his early fortunes. “I’ve made a lot of people happy,” he said.

Ah yes, the Jews know how to make people “happy” all right. They are in the front rank of philanthropists and are always moved by the noblest and most altruistic sentiments. I have noted this curious phenomenon of “happiness-spreading” in my long 2-part article “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain”:

Perhaps the quickest way to tame and tranquilize an unruly nation is to turn its citizens into sex addicts: for just as children are easily taken in by predators who tempt them with candy, most people are only too pleased to live under governments that offer them the seductive pleasures of porn: that is to say, cheap and easy orgasms as substitutes for happiness.  [LD]

Guy Adams continues:

Jacqueline Gold’s father David Gold (pictured), for his part, managed to stay on the correct side of the law throughout his career. But he nonetheless spent the Seventies being dragged in and out of court in deeply unseemly circumstances.

In 1971, he and his company were cleared at the Old Bailey of publishing obscene materials for gain. He was in the Central Criminal Court again in 1975, to defend himself in relation to 11,000 seized magazines dealing with bondage and flagellation. Gold was cleared once again, as he was in another obscenity case the following year.

Shortly before selling his pornographic titles, which he offloaded in 2007, just ahead of the growing popularity of internet smut causing the printed market to collapse, he said unapologetically: ‘I’m a top-shelf publisher. But that’s how I started out, that’s what I am. And I’m proud of everything I have done.’

Jacqueline Gold joined the family firm in the early Eighties, when she was recently out of school, and over the ensuing years, successfully turned David’s small string of Ann Summers sex shops, patronised by what she called the ‘dirty anorak brigade’ into a High Street chain popular with women, which last year turned over almost £105 million.

It was her idea to devote large areas of the stores to selling erotic lingerie, and novelty items such as edible nipple tassels (with sex toys confined to small sections of the shops), since it meant that they would no longer be officially classified as sex shops, which need to be licensed by local councils.

The brand’s success is, she argues, built on “good clean fun”. [LOL].  And it has been extremely profitable. In the heyday of the ‘Rampant Rabbit’, made famous by the TV show Sex And The City, she claimed that Ann Summers was selling 2.5 million vibrators in the UK each year. Each costs very little to make, but can retail for more than £50 ($75)

LD: The great British empire, a hundred years ago an Empire on which the sun never set, is now a sleazy masturbatorium built on millions of orgasms provided like tap water by degenerate Jews. This gives a new meaning to the phrase “good clean fun”.

The Jews have always been the cheerleaders of “sexual liberation” and have derived their inspiration from the Father of Jewish psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, famous for saying: “Sexual morality seems to me very contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life.”

Few are aware that, while on board the ship taking him to America, Freud had turned to one of his disciples and remarked cynically: “If only the Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!”

The plague is sexual demoralization and in particular pornography. The world’s $100 billion porn industry is known to be almost exclusively in Jewish hands: a weapon used to destroy traditional values and spread mass demoralization.

See my article Pornography as a Secret Weapon for further details, especially Section 1:  “Jews use pornography ‘to destroy gentile morals’.”  [LD]

Like Karren Brady, Jewish sex merchant Jacqueline Gold has rarely been made to discuss the issue of her father’s association with the porn trade.

Indeed, reporters who raise impertinent questions about Ann Summers, or ask whether its success might have contributed to the sexualisation of the High Street, are often treated to a lecture about how the stores empower or liberate women.

In 2005, on one of the only occasions an interviewer succeeded in getting her to address the issue of pornography, the encounter ‘turned a bit chilly’.

‘If you’re talking about hard-core pornography, like most people, I don’t want to see it in stores, or available,’ Gold said. ‘If you’re talking about soft porn, like top-shelf magazines, I personally don’t have a problem with that.’

Asked if she was a feminist, she responded: ‘In the popular sense of the word, no. But I believe in equality for women.’

The Honours committee appears to agree. As, we can only assume, does our Prime Minister.

So it goes that the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire has, like 140 of Britain’s High Streets, now been tarnished by association with Rampant Rabbits, Vibrating Love Eggs, and a family business built on ‘top-shelf’ smut.


The British Empire of Smut and Sleaze
where Jewish pornographers dine with politicians
and take tea at Downing Street with the Prime Minister

“This country is now led by a man whom many voters  will forever believe or suspect once had sex with a dead pig.” —  Daily Telegraph, here

Note. “British Prim (sic) Minister” is a typo for which I am not responsible.  I inherited the picture from someone else. I don’t wish to change it because it may be a Freudian slip for which we need to be grateful. (LD) 


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