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The Complete and Absolute Defeat of the Zionists by Hezbollah 2006
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— 22 December 2015
The Complete and Absolute Defeat of the Zionists by Hezbollah 2006
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The Complete and Absolute Defeat of the Zionists by Hezbollah 2006

Make no mistake about it regarding the massive, sophisticated Israeli army it was categorically defeated, 2006, by Hezbollah. The Zionists are cheap-shots, mere cowards. Despite their pomp and bluster, they are useless. They could never win a war in a pitched battle with a determined, well-armed opponent.

In their war against Hezbollah they were soundly defeated, and this by a mere minor army, some 5000 men versus nearly 100,000 Zionists. Despite the seemingly impossible odds against them this powerful fighting force prevailed. They fought with purpose and bravery, going directly against the invader and oppressor. Without fear, they valiantly struck at the enemy beast, quickly neutralizing it and causing a Zionist retreat.

Wounded Zionist Criminal

In fact, the Hezbollah waxed the cowardly Zionists, defeating them to the extreme. Roasted alive in their armored tanks and vehicles they stood no chance against the guerilla warfare tactics of the Islaamic resistance fighters.

How can they possibly prevail over the Hezbollah? No matter what scheme they foment, no matter what plot they scheme, they could never do so.

The Hezbollah is a serious fighting force, where its resistance fighters will fight to the death: even to the last man. Cowardly Zionists could never withstand this, since at the slightest risk for harm or death they will flee like sheep before a charging predator. Regardless, what true stalwart military men behave in such a way? No wonder they murdered a man such as George Patton, God rest his soul:

It will never be admitted, though, by the Zionists that their soldiers are the cause of the defeat: that are simply too inept, surely too cowardly, to defeat a determined foe. Excuses will be made such as those delivered by former Zionist National Security head Giora Eiland:

In a lecture at Bar-Ilan University in occupied Palestine, former head of Israel’s National Security Council Giora Eiland drew a grim picture of any future confrontation with Hezbollah, warning that the result will be much like 2006, if not worse.
He added that fighting a force like Hezbollah can be very difficult, due to the fact that real-time intelligence is next to impossible, given their constant movement, rendering information about targets useless if action is not taken immediately.

The Israeli military strategist attributed this to the fact that the Lebanese Resistance has greatly improved its tactical fighting abilities, while the Israeli military has done little to change its overall approach to warfare.

If the Zionist hierarchy knows it is fully defeated, then, what of the conscripts? Surely, they have no stomach to wage a war against an enemy that can actually fight back.

The Islaamic resistance proved formidable and despite that heavily financed (but false) Zionist army, despite full cooperation from the collaborating Western states; in spite of it all, it was defeated. No one can call the war a draw or even remotely a Zionist victory. They lost the war absolutely, fully undeniable.

zionisttankobliterated zionisttankobliterated3

Some 54 Merkava tanks were obliterated, nearly 1/4th of the Israeli arsenal.


It is the lack of bravery by the Zionists which makes them vulnerable, while it is the full bravery of the Hezbollah contingent that makes them invincible. Moreover, invincible is the right word. Never in a million attempts could the Zionists defeat the Lebanese resistance. That is why they plot other plots, such as the Syrian debacle: an attempt to degrade Hezbollah indirectly.

It could not be more obvious. Look at these individuals. How in God’s name could this possibly be a fighting force? They appear to be mutated, if not deformed? There is nothing compelling about them as actual hardened fighters:

They know they are defeated in-full. Let it be stated here and now. The Zionists can wage no successful war against any determined enemy. They couldn’t even handle that most minimal army element of the Palestinian resistance during their siege of Gaza. Moreover, the Islaamic resistance is becoming more determined, more powerful, and more well equipped every year.

In this image it can be seen that they were beat back and bloodied by the tiny but determined Gazan resistance:

They can’t handle Gaza and they expect the world to believe they could prevail against Hezbollah or even possibly Islaamic Iran? Who believes such a nonsensical claim? The Zionist has no capacity for the fight. He is a bully, ruffian, thug, and coward. There is not a brave bone in his body. All he can do is attack and defile, as well as murder, those who have no legitimate means of defense.

Even with those who have no such means, even then the Zionists prove their ineptitude and surely their lack of bravery. See the image below and how they are hiding like frightened children behind those plasticized shields:


Those few rocks are enough to cause them to cower in fear. What would happened if the brave Palestinian youth were even given a modicum of weapons? Would not the Zionists be soundly defeated in a matter of hours? They could not withstand such a modestly armed source. Within weeks or months they would be fully driven from the land, and that arch-corrupt entity, that devilish corruption driven regime: the Zionist entity would be no more.

This is his style. He is nothing other than a self-serving coward and thief who torments others while stealing all that they own, including surely their dignity but also their lives.







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