The Fury of Tyson – by Irish Savant

Move over The Donald and make way for the libtards’ worst nightmare.  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mr. Tyson Fury. (His real name actually. Called after Mike Tyson, and Fury is a common surname among Irish Travellers).

Here’s Tyson in all his glory.
 “There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: One of them is homosexuality being legal, one of them is abortion and the other one’s paedophilia.” Far from retracting, in subsequent interviews he observed that ‘girls that open their legs for every Tom, Dick or Harry are rubbish.  If I had a sister like that I’d hang her. A woman’s there to be loved, cook food and have kids.” Asked by the stunned reporter whether his wife would be offended by such outrageous statement he responded “why would she? She’s married to a stallion”.

At which point every faggot, dyke and paedophile in Britain put aside their perversions and, as one, launched a series of hysterical attacks on the heretic.  They were joined by every scrawny hunchbacked pencil-necked libtard out there, already coiled like rattlesnakes ready to strike at the first sign of Thought Crime. 130,000 of them signed a petition to have him banned from the upcoming Sports Person Of The Year competition on the HebeBC. Tyson’s reaction? “Fuck them, I don’t give a damn about that prize. They can stick it”.  And we thought such men no longer existed!

Predictably they tried to have him prosecuted for, you’ve guessed it, HATE. But strangely Britain’s minority-occupied Crown Prosecution Service declined to proceed. Here’s what the fag who brought the case said: “he’s entitled to his opinion but should keep it to himself.” Yes, that’s what he said. Which means that he’s allowed (for now) to think Thought Crime but not to articulate it. Gotta love liberals. They did manage to get him stripped of his IBF belt however but even here he won out again.“If they want they can take all my belts but they will never take what I’ve achieved”

What a man!

The mainstream media got in on the act, almost without exception calling for his head. But here again the disparity between editorials and reader comments was even more stark than usual. Here’s one typical – and it is typical – response from a reader at Yahoo Propaganda News (now one of the most left-wing/liberal ‘news’ sites).

‘Hate crime’?’. Since when has it been a crime to have a bloody opinion? Obviously it’s much more difficult to have one against gay blokes because they’re the first to ”rear up” (pardon the phrase) and be offended. Prissy, self-opinionated, over-sensitive, overblown opinion of their own importance and, er, completely up their own a@ses (pardon again). And proud? Proud of what exactly?? Just get on with being what you are and shut the feck up with your inane bleatings.

Who’d have thought that a member of our travelling ‘community’ would rekindle my hopes for the White race?

And just as we go to press I see that the odds against his winning the Sports Person Of The Year award have been slashed! His popularity is soaring!

Are you watching Donald?