When The Adamic Race Sticks Together

Ladies and Gentlemen, today, I’d like to show you what happens when our race sticks together. Let’s just say…great things happen. The Top Secret Drum Corps is an outfit based in Basel, Switzerland. It has 25 members which include snare drummers, bass drummers and a colorguard. Their claim to fame was their excellent performance at the 2003 Edinburgh Tattoo. They have since performed at various venues in Europe, the United States and Australia. They have also performed on television as well.

The Swiss are known for their rudiments and complex style of drumming. It’s very exciting to see a huge snare line executing both physical, mental and visual feats. This kind of performance requires much practice, hard work and sheer discipline. Hat’s off to these men and their determination to show what the Adamic race can do when we stick together.

First, let’s see this fine performance:Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012

Here’s one with pyrotechnics TOP SECRET DRUM CORP Sticks On Fire…literally

And finally:Top Secret Drum Corps TV show performance

Let’s learn to stick together and to stand up for one another. Together, we shall be much stronger than we will as separate ships passing in the night. Let’s care for one another and begin to know and show that we trust one another. Only good can come out of it.

We were sent here to tend Yahweh’s Garden. First we must return to Yahweh and renew ourselves.

Until next time
David James