anonymous-are-the-jewish-police-310x165Why Did Jews Create Pornography?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think you should watch this film so that you will have a deeper understanding of how our enemy, the Jew operates. This despicable people have done the same things over and over to our people for thousands of years. We can, and must learn from the examples of History and our mistakes. What you see in our countries today is nothing new. The Jews are destroying the moral fabric of our societies and are causing us and our children great harm.

When you look at the condition of America today, you are actually seeing what happened to Germany in the 1920s. If you study that historical period, you will understand where we are, and where we are headed. Our people will be eating out of garbage cans and fat Jews will mock us while we starve. These very conditions caused World War 2. Notice that this takes place after World War 1. This is the very reason the Jews cause wars and keep our countries in perpetual war. They make money off the wars, steal all the properties and businesses, control the wealth, change the laws, promote degeneracy and this list could go on all day.

This little film has some nudity in it but, it is important to understand that the Jews use our feelings as a weapon against us. They use sex, drugs, music, news stories, films, hatred, television, parties, games, politics and many, many more things to sway us one way or another. Your feelings can become dangerous to you and others if not kept in check. You will see in this film the confirmation of the things I just mentioned.

You see, your feelings are a way to manipulate you. In the film, the Germans are kept in their homes with a curfew. They practically have no choice but the Talmudvision to get information. The Jews play porn on all 3 stations…What is the purpose you say? The purpose is to poison the peoples minds with contrived realities and the monkey see, monkey do principle. Children are subject to this all the time on Talmudvision. They see a guy with tattoos and piercings and they say…that’s cool. Some of them will believe it is a reality and enact upon it, getting tattoos and piercings thus disobeying Yahweh and causing themselves harm for years to come. The crazy thing is that the guy on Talmudvision may not have had any REAL tattoos or piercings at all. Another way to contrive realities that lure the young to their deaths is to have an actor or rock star pretend that they are gay. The children have been taught that these people should be their idols. They then try to be like their idols in every way. Though the rock star or actor is not truly gay, the child believes it and becomes it and voila….there’s your contrived reality.

One more thing. Notice how the word FREEDOM is used in this video, it is the key to understanding something which is extremely important.

Why Did Jews Create Pornography?

These are only some of the examples that I could present to you. Hopefully you get the message and the understanding of how these filthy Jews work. We must become Jew savvy and warn our children how they operate. May Yahweh save our children from these horrible Demonic wolves!

Yet, one more thing…I got an email about the fact that the video mentions the Catholic church as the only true religion. Well, I figured you all know that the Catholic church is a Satanic entity, which is part of part of Mystery Babylon. I hoped you would automatically disregard the foolish nonsense about the Catholic church. Evidently I was wrong! Take Notice! Disregard the comment about the Catholic church being the only true religion for it is an harlot and totally against Yahweh The Most High! There< That settles that!

P.S….I removed the comment from the video. Sleep Well!

Why Did Jews Create Pornography?

I hope I’ve reach you with this article
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David James