Learn from the mistakes of others.


James Michael Phillips
James Michael Phillips
Julie Dombo
Julie Dombo

One of the more brutal stories we’ve covered so far this week. Or maybe it isn’t. They’re all brutal.

Blacks are a plague.

Daily Mail:

A former middle school counselor has lost all her hands and feet after being shot during a robbery at cellphone store.

Julie Dombo , 61, was shot in the arm and lung on August 11 at a Derby AT&T store in south-central Kansas store.

Because of oxygen deprivation to her limbs while in the hospital, her hands and legs required amputation in early September.

The Wichita Eagle reports that about $54,000 has been raised so far for Julie Dombo on Go Fund Me.

Dombo and her daughter Aimee, 31, described the last beautiful moment before the frightful incident.

Aimee said that a day before the shooting, her mother Julie took her to the airport.

She recalled getting a warm embrace from her mother and said she never could have imagined this was the last time she would see her healthy.

‘She didn’t just let me out of the car,’ Aimee Dombo said. ‘She walked me up to security; we looked at each other and hugged each other.

‘And I remember getting through security and I turned around and we waved to each other about five times. It felt really special. That’s the last time I saw her with her hands and feet healthy.’

Myrtle Beach Online reports that the next day everything changed.

Julie was out doing her daily walk for exercise and she decided to stop at an AT&T store to get her phone fixed on the way home.

‘I thought I’d just run into the store and get my phone fixed,’ Julie said. ‘And then my whole life changed in seconds,’ she added.

Julie was caught in the cross fire during a robbery.

‘I fell to the floor, and I just said, “Please don’t let me die,” ‘she said. ‘I just didn’t want to die.’

An ambulance finally came for her and rushed her to safety. She was in a coma for six days following.

The alleged gunman, James Michael Phillips, was arrested after he fled the robbery scene and is being held on a number of charges.

As a result of her mother’s injuries Aimee left her job as an Emmy nominated artist on the show ‘Madame Secretary’ and returned home to be with her family.

Julie’s husband John had only recently retired as vice president of Wichita Canteen Co. after 40 years in food service.

Now both John and Aimee have the full time job of caring for their mother five days a week at the hospital where she is staying.

Julie will be coming home soon, however.

Better days from a life ruined for absolutely no reason other than that cucked Americans still refuse to deport these people:


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is senseless crime. The Jews have given guns to these blacks deliberately, in order to play the problem, reaction, solution game. Yes, the Jews want the white people’s guns, so they create multiple crimes with guns by their proxies which is supposed to get the public to cry out for the solution they wanted in the first place. Don’t do it. Don’t play into it no matter how much they play upon your feelings. Stand your ground. What we should call out for is the death penalty for these animals. The quickest way to quell crime is to obey Yahweh’s laws by not having them live among us. At this point though, putting them to death for crimes on a regular basis will certainly send a strong message that will have an immediate effect. You will be much better off with your guns for protection than you will unarmed and totally defenseless like our brothers in Europe and abroad.

I report on black on white crime nearly every week on the EFR News Midweek Report, so that you will know what’s really going on in our countries. The Jew run mass media would have you think that none of this is happening, giving you the false sense that you are safe among these animals. It is just not so, and I suggest you become more aware of your surroundings when out in public.

The purpose of these reports is not to put you in fear, but to alert you as to what is really going on, as I said. What can you do about it? Arm yourselves, carry pepper spray, be aware of your surroundings at all times when in public places. Don’t isolate yourself in alleys, sidewalks and other precarious positions. If you see a group coming towards you, be alert or cross the street. Try to be in a place where there are other white people. Remember…safety in numbers could save you life and limbs. Lastly, view reports on minority on white crime regularly and familiarize yourself with the situations the victims got themselves into. You can learn from the mistakes of others, and I suggest you do…A.S.A.P.

May Yahweh protect and watch over you dear friends.

Until next time                                                                                                                                                                                                                             David James