(Simon Elliot, Jewish leader of ISIS.)

The Jew Media is using all of these staged attacks to justify their global police state.



The New World Order is using catch phrases as a brainwashing tool.

Paris attack used as justification to attack Syria.


Freemason connection: (The host is incorrect about the Founding Fathers not being Christians.  American Freemasonry in 1776 had only three degrees and was not affiliated with European (Rothschild) Illuminati Freemasonry.  The Illuminzed Freemasons pretend to honor Gorge Washington in order to dupe incoming members.  Also, Albert Pike, who was the head of the Illuminati in America, did not create the KKK.  Pike was actually censured by Jefferson Davis for committing atrocities against civilians.  It was Nathan Bedford Forrest who started the KKK.  Most of the video is accurate. – Eli.  The value of this video is its exposure of Freemasonic symbolism and psy-ops.)



ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.  The leader of ISIS is a Jewish Mossad agent, whose real name is Shimon Elliot.

George Bush: “It will take time to restore chaos – er, I mean, order out of chaos.”  The CFR journalists, using fear porn,  are working hand-in-glove with the Jew World Order to stage “terrorist” attacks all over the world for the purpose of justifying their Global Police State.  Remember this phrase: Global Police State.

Wake up, people.  The Jew World Order is staging these fake “terrorist”a attacks to justify the Jewnited Nations Police State.