UPDATED NOVEMBER 9TH 2015 : Originally posted Jan 27 2015, this post has now been updated to include Parts 3, 4 and 5 of this excellent presentation by E Michael Jones.

jewish-rev-spirit2E Michael Jones is the author of the 1200 page “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”. In this 5 part video interview he presents some of the key points covered in that work with particular emphasis on usury, how the ransacking of the church in england laid the foundations for the predatory capitalism which we still endure to this day and the cultural distortion and decay that organized jewry brings in its wake.

We present it here with one caveat; Mr Jones is of the view that jews can and possibly ought to be saved from judaism. If so, then it is a job solely for those jews who take that path and not the responsibility of non-jews. Jews such as Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shamir, Mordecai Vanunu, Norman Finkelstein et al, who have sought, as Mr Jones states in this interview, to remove themselves from the deadening control of rabbinic talmudism, have done so of their own volition. By definition, a Jew cannot accept logos as a key definition of being a Jew is to be a rejector of logos . . . “By their fruits shall ye know them”. With that caveat in mind, please enjoy these videos which cover much ground and make many excellent points.

La Civiltà Cattolica is referenced by Mr Jones in the interview and can be downloaded as a PDF (38 pages) HERE

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