ROD1Rod Serling, writer and producer of the hit series “The Twilight Zone” has a discussion with Mike Wallace on his view of where censorship comes from. It is obvious that we are trained to censor ourselves and others which will become evident after viewing this video. I cleaned up the video and audio for a more enjoying viewing experience. While not perfect, it is much better than the original.

Notice that the Jew will bring up the Holocaust (HOLLOWCAUST) every chance he gets…even back then. Rod also says that the Nazis used Cyanide gas, which we know to be a lie. The German’s used Zyklon B gas to disinfects clothes, shoes etc…not Cyanide.

We must be cautious and realize that we have been trained to not only censor others but, to censor ourselves as well. This training causes us to be a detriment to ourselves and others depending on what the material is that we are censoring. The Jews censor all media to make sure that there is nothing negative or nothing that would be harmful to them. We are trained to do the same thing regarding the Jews.

We must expose the wrongdoing of the Jews as much as possible so that others will be aware of the dangers that are all around us. A good example of the Jew’s censoring techniques is the Black on white or minority on white crime that goes unreported in the main stream media on a daily basis. This has been going on for decades and makes the white people think that they are safe here in America but it is just not so. If these horrific crimes were reported properly, whites would realize the danger that they are in and take measures to protect themselves and their children. These minorities are killing and badly wounding our people on a daily basis world-wide.

It’s time for you to research this and begin to protect yourself and your loved ones. Click link to begin

Here’s the interview with two Jews…Rod Serling and Mike Wallace.

We must begin to seek the truth so that we can be set free. Seeking requires action on all of our parts. It takes work and most likely,  you will not get paid an hourly rate for doing it. The reward comes when you are truly set free. Start your journey today!

Until next time

David James