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CLASSIC COMPARETCLASSIC COMPARET : Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce a new series on the Euro Folk Radio Network. We are bringing the very valued teachings of Bertrand L. Comparet in an one hour and an half format.

This is the real thing…yes, real Bible teaching. You will learn more in these teachings than you would in a trillion Judeo-Christian teachings. Prepare yourself to grow exponentially.

As you may know, these recordings were very noisy and some barely audible at all. I have restored these original recordings to the best of my abilities in order that we may be able to enjoy and gain the benefit of these precious teachings. This is a gift from me to all the tribes of Anglo-Saxon Israel. Some will sound better than others, but keep this in mind, better to have them then not to have them at all. If you listen to them the way they were previously, they don’t compare.

For transcripts of Bertrand L. Comparet’s sermons click the link Transcripts

May Yahweh impart His wisdom to you through the teachings of this man! Praise be to Yahweh for He is the Most High!

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to consider joining me in the fight. If you like the work I’ve been doing and would like to help free me to be able to do more works of this kind, won’t you contribute 20 dollars a month so the truth may continue to expand?

Please take action now.  

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Bertrand L. Comparet is a native Californian, born in San Diego. He was graduated from Stanford University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Jurist Doctor. He was admitted to the California Supreme Court or California Bar in 1926 and by the United States Supreme Court in 1956. From 1926 to 1932 he was a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County and from 1942 to 1947 was Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego. After that time he was in private law practice.

Quite obviously he is a tried and true Christian and a loyal and patriotic American, a believer in a Sovereign America under Constitutional government.

Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet started teaching in 1933 and continued for over 40 years. He returned to the Father in August of 1983.

SATURDAY LIVE: Starts 5.00 pm, US Eastern Time, 10.00 pm UK Time.

SUNDAY: 2.30 pm to 4.00pm US Eastern Time, 7:30 pm to 9:00 am UK Time.
MONDAY: 6.30 pm to 8:00 pm US Eastern Time, 11:30 pm to 1:00 am UK Time

You can listen to past shows using the player below. You can also download any of the shows by right clicking on the Show Title and then selecting “Save Link As …” from the drop down menu.

The 6 digit number at the beginning of each show is the date on which that show was broadcast live in Year Month Day order. ie 151101 is 2015(15) November(11) the first(01). All shows are added here within 1 to 2 days of being broadcast.