Good morning, gutten morgen, bonjour, maidin mhaith, доброе утро,

How are you all? Doing well except for what the edomites are doing to you on a daily basis eh? I can identify with you on that. Yahweh will spray fire on them in the near future and we, the tribes, shall really have peace…not the kind the communist U.N. promises. The edomites shall be just an horrific memory of the past.
Well, as I sit down to have my coffee this morning, I thought I’d show you some videos that I’ve remastered and give you a tip or two.

First tip is for watching youtube videos. I like the quality to be as high as possible and I’m sure most of you do too. To achieve that and get a larger screen as well, I’d recommend you install an addon called YouTube High Definition 36.0.
This will select HD movies automatically for you and the screen size is just right.
Sometimes the quality suffers if you go full screen, if you know what I mean. So this gives you a better alternative. The smaller the screen, the tighter or sharper the video IMO. On to The Captains.

I am a progressive rock musician and I love the seventies era of music. It was a very creative time and the artists had more control over their art at that time. You could experiment and be free to create as you should be. The edomites ruined the music industry just like every thing else they put their greedy little hands to. A band that you may never have heard of came out and made an excellent debut album. The band you ask? Yes, it was called Captain Beyond.

Incredibly progressive, aggressive yet had a subtle sweetness that was a recipe of balanced blend. On vocals was former Deep Purple front man Rod Evans. I enjoy watching him perform on stage. He is genuine in his performance and really into the music which is extremely important. I’ve read the words to the songs and there seems to be no proclivity to evil. I read that he had contract problems with Deep Purple and that he wasn’t allowed to perform on stage or something like that. He has since disappeared and nobody knows where he is. This is a shame because he was truly a star unlike the fakers today. He has a manly voice which is rich in tone and vigor. I’ve always thought that singing is best done by men not sissies. Today’s music is over saturated with wimps, women and a slew of no talents(fakers). On guitar former Iron-Butterfly member Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt and on bass guitar former Iron-Butterfly member Lee Dorman. The hottest musician in the band was, and is, Bobby Caldwell who used to play with Johnny Winter. I have been a drummer since I was 15 years old and many people like my drumming abilities. Bobby is a top notch drummer who gives it his all during a performance.
Such concentration is remarkable. I really enjoy watching him execute his parts with professional ease. He plays in traditional fashion rather than playing match grip. He uses a conservative approach meaning low to the drum, yet gets the maximum volume and playability. Really, this drummer is the kind you’d want for your band…I know I would.

Okay, the remastered video was taken from an old video that was in poor quality.
I remastered the audio and touched up the video. It had noise and hum and needed some beef and punch. I tried to make it sound and look clearer. I try to leave everything I find, better than I found it. This video is incredible. I’ve watched it many times. Their first album is in my top ten favorite albums of the world. I believe the sound of this video is now better than the original album’s sound.

Well, here it is. From 1971 in Montreux.




On to the other Captain. This is Captain Beefheart.
I really enjoy his performances as he is as unique as you can get. This video was in better condition but still needed some attention. Much of the same here, I remastered the audio and touched up the video. It had noise and hum and needed some beef and punch. I tried to make it sound and look clearer. Someone said this band looks like a bunch of mental patients formed a band. It sure looks that way. The drummer is wearing a monocle and panties on his head. In between songs he rocks back and forth like the mentally ill Rabbis do. Yet this drummer is an excellent player. Try playing the beat on Booglarize ya…the last song. It is simple yet hard to execute. The Captain made me laugh many times as I watched this video. I have seen it many a time. He says at the end of a song “and the pantaloon duck, white goose neck quacked, webcore, webcore”. The look on his face is precious. Well, lets get to it. Oh, I should mention that in one of of his documentary videos, he says the fish that he was wearing on Trout Mask Replica stunk so bad. I still laugh when I think of that statement. Talk about organic.


From 1972 in Germany. here’s Don Van Vliet.




I have others on my channel as well. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do.
I am not an advocate of the “Bread and Circuses” But sometimes you need a break from the battles. In case you were wondering. Bread and circuses are from the times of Rome. If you give the people enough food and entertainment, they won’t know or care what your up to in the government. Therefore they can steal everything while we the people watch sports and movies that are truly low grade entertainment. Think about what I am saying.

Until next time
David James