In the upside down world we live in today, you don’t hear or see common sense nearly enough. I saw these videos about farming and it refreshed my soul and made me proud of my race. It’s nice to know that some of us are using our brains. The words spoken by Joel Salatin, the farmer who owns and runs Polyface farms in Virginia, Usa were refreshing to me. Joel gave me hope that the future could be altogether different regarding the way we farm and how we harvest our animals for food.

The Federal government is a failure in these matters and have mistreated, sickened, poisened and generally ruined our food with its non common sense approaches. There is fecal matter in nearly all packages of beef around the country, thanks to the FDA and their failures. Everything that is done by the big companies is done with no common sense whatsoever, thus producing inferior food for public consumption. The Federal government should have nothing to do with how the food is produced. They are limited to four matters in the Constitution, peace, war, negotiation and foreign commerce. They have overstepped their boundaries, not just in this matter, but in many other matters as well. As long as they are involved in this, it will continue to get worse and worse, and it has been getting worse as you will hear in these videos.

Joel is trying to educate farmers, government officials, and the general public, which includes his customers, with innovative ways  and approaches to farming. He has produced healthy models for farming which produce healthy animals that are happy from birth to plate. The big companies are not concerned with the animal’s happiness, just the profit. They overcrowd, over drug, and treat the aminals with absolutely no respect and love. This makes the animals unhappy and miserable and it is down right cruel. This effects growth, health and makes an unhealthy meal for you and me. Let’s look at some examples:

How would you like to eat this bird?



If you were one of these birds, would you be happy? I’m not an animal rights enthusiast, but I am a common sense enthusiast. If you treat the birds kindly from the beginning, they will be a better meal in the end, period. There’s plenty of land in America for farming and it should be the way it used to be. Small farms make better food, healthier food and happier customers. This is the way Yaweh designed it to be, the federal government is a failure and should stop intervening where they have zero jurisdiction. It seems to me that they are deliberately trying to make us all sick and there is proof that this is true as well. People die from food that the FDA has controlled and inspected. It’s time for change…good change though, not the usual bad change we get from the jews.

Watch these videos about the common sense approach that Joel Salatin brings to the table. You will see Yahweh’s wisdom in this man. He obviously doesn’t know about Yahweh’s food laws, so you have to look past the pigs and rabbits which are forbidden for us to eat and see the methods of cleanliness for the animals, breeding out pharmaceutical use to produce healthy generations of animals and resting the land so it can feed the animals a healthier diet. I am amazed and inspired by these approaches.


Joel Salatin Polyface Farm Pt1[youtube]

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm Pt2[youtube]

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm Pt3[youtube]

Well, I hope this inspires you too, and that you’ll like hearing common sense and truth as much as I do.
Until next time
David James