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Well now, the ongoing Turd World invasion of Europe has certainly got people’s attention, has it not? Of course it’s just the latest ramped-up element of a project that’s been underway for more than half a century. And if it continues unabated Europe is certainly doomed, destined to morph into a dystopian fusion of the Middle East and Africa. But out of evil cometh good, and much good has cometh from this particular evil.

To wit:

EU institutions are in disarray, in particular Schengen. Member states at one another’s throats, old animosities reactivated (mixed benefit, admittedly), borders closed, closures reinforced by armed police and military, several countries talk of leaving the EU. For instance Croatia has in effect committed acts of war against Hungary by dumping its invaders across its borders while Hungary responds by mobilising its military and introducing emergency legislation. Germany, the most active open-border state, became the first to jettison long-established EU rules in pursuit of its multicultural agenda, only to be shortly followed by a 180 turn. Being the first country to unilaterally close its borders it dealt a body blow to the whole painfully-erected structure of EU governance. In the public mind mass immigration is now strongly associated with the EU.


And, despite the frantic efforts of the traitorous MSM to portray the invaders as primarily doe-eyed children, weeping gentle mothers, hard-working doctors and engineers, their true nature could not be hidden. Three out of four are obviously young able-bodied men, violently and contemptuously ignoring Europe’s people and laws, leaving a filthy mess wherever they go, demanding, demanding, demanding, offering nothing in return other than threats. That people’s eyes have been opened to the true nature of the invaders can be seen in blog and forum comments everywhere, and in talking to the man in the street. But not in the MSM or in any Official Organs. The disparity between the people and the elite, rulers and ruled (and the supporting edifice of lies and evasions) has never been delineated in such sharp focus.


Any of you notice how often Hitler has been brought into the mix, and invariably in a favourable light? It’s amazing. Equally amazing how open and unrestrained the way Africans, Arabs and Muslims are being referred to. PC strictures and constraints are under serious attack. And I love the growing realisation of the selfishness and hypocrisy of the bloated Gulf Arabs and their two-faced hectoring. Exemplified by the Saudis taking in no refugees despite having tent accommodation for up to a million but offering $200 million for mosques in Dar-al-Harb to accommodate the invaders.

Don’t underestimate the value of these joyful developments. EU institutions, governance and solidarity are disarray (I mean, how good is that?), the MSM’s remaining credibility further undermined while the true nature of the Religion Of Peace has been graphically exposed.

Now if only we could magic the invaders back to the hell-holes of origin over the next few months……

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