CAVEAT : Alex Jones is loud and often silly. David Duke has yet to understand the full truth about who the jews are. Yet this exchange is a positive for those who are working toward white people rediscovering their racial backbone. Mr Duke presents evidence upon evidence showing the leading role jews take in the genocide of whites. Mr Jones has no response other than to push the conversation off topic repeatedly.

Alex Jones has been peddling the lie that the NWO is made up of “globalist, elite, nazis” ever since he began his career as a shill for organised jewry. David Duke, in his books My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism has presented evidence that it is organised jewry, and their institutionalised hatred of white europeans that is the primary driving force for the destruction of western civilisation. The use of the injection of immigrants into European countries as a proxy army to advance the genocide of white people is jewish driven in all phases and a prime example of what faces us. This 2 hour exchange makes these and other supporting factors abundantly clear.

The solution to the problem of organised jewry’s infestation of western christian civilisation is to initially bar them from positions of authority in the following areas:

  • Banking, including commercial activity on stock exchanges and the like
  • Government and local authorities
  • Education
  • The Law
  • Media ownership and participation

This policy was employed by the Byzantine Empire which lasted over 1000 years. Jews lived peacefully in Byzantium but were restrained from undermining the power centers of civil authority and hence the longevity of that empire. This solution should be known as The ELP Solution in honour of that great Israelite Ezra Loomis Pound who first recognised this salient fact and saw in it the key to recovery. Jews wanting to pursue careers in these fields would be able to do so in Israel.

David Duke is mistaken about certain key facts of Jewish identity and in time, as this discourse becomes amplified, these aspects will have to be addressed so that complete sense and understanding can be achieved. Jews are not Israelites but edomites inter-bred with other tribes.


Jewish Genocide Of The White Race CASE CLOSED


The Alex Jones David Duke Exchange