magna-cartaThis Sunday A One Off Special – The Magna Carta Show

At 3pm ET (8pm UK) this Sunday June 14th, we are hosting a one off show looking at Magna Carta. Monday June 15th is the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede and we’ll be looking at the history behind it, it’s impact since 1215 and the way in which the current so-called celebrations are being muted and hijacked and why certain key points have been omitted.

Hosts will include Pastor Eli James and Paul English along with Chris Pead and David James.

Sunday’s LIVE SHOW schedule (Eastern Time) –

  • 08.30 Bloodlines with Eli and Andy
  • 10.00 By Yahweh’s Design with Pastor Dan Johns
  • 11.30 Voice Of Christian Israel with Pastor Eli James
  • 12.30 The Highland Perspective with Laura Phares-Wilson
  • 13.30 Saxon’s Creed with David James
  • 15.00 Magna Carta

You can interact with us during the shows via the EFR chat room at

We trust you can join us and look forward to a busy Sunday.


The EFR Team