There’s not a lot left to say about what happened in Baltimore. Today charges were leveled at the officers, who will now face a trial by media and public opinion. Good luck. They’re putting out the fires, the negro will soon return to its default setting of sullen hostility. Suffice it to say, the obvious lessons will be ignored. No one who wants to keep their job is going to look at this African America mess and argue that the negro has no place in a White civilization and the time has come to remove them. Instead we’ll get the same lies, the same cultural marxist drivel we hear every time the savages that walk among us display the content of their character. It’s the fault of “races” Whites. Just ask Baltimore’s affirmative action “leadership.”

Twice in recent weeks, Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts has made a startling statement to national audiences: Baltimore is still dealing with 1950s- and 1960s-era racism.

Here’s your reward for a half-century of spending, special programs, groveling, giving up rights, being targeted by racially motivated crime and pathetic negro appeasement. A fortune down the drain, who knows how many ruined White lives and this is the big pay-off. “Dis bee fiddies races.”

It’s time for deportation.

The statement, which comes as the city is seeing population growth for the first time in decades, could have been viewed as a step backward, a self-inflicted wound.

Kind of ironic to phrase it that way, right after the brown monster soiled its own nest.

Instead, it has triggered a wide-ranging discussion of the issue around Baltimore — and met with relatively little disagreement.

“All the expert witch-hunters, inquisitors and representatives of the Holy Mother Church agree! Witchcraft, black magic and demon-caused bad weather is a bigger problem than ever!”

“I agree with him wholeheartedly,” said attorney A. Dwight Pettit, an African-American lawyer who has been a fierce critic of the police force and has represented a number of residents in police brutality lawsuits.

“I also hate Whites, despite their endless sacrifices.”

“Baltimore is still in the Dark Ages in terms of racial and economic disparities.”

More like the negro stone age, complete with poorly-formed living fossils.

“You go feast to famine in a matter of blocks, and it’s very stark for people who are from out of town,” said Bramble, managing partner of MCB Real Estate LLC. “I certainly don’t think that we’re dealing with ’50s racism, but I can tell you we’re dealing with a massive socioeconomic gap of the haves and have-nots.”

It’s almost as if there’s very real genetic and behavioral differences, but that’s blasphemy, so it must be evil Whites and capitalism causing the pathology.

To be sure, Baltimore no longer has the obvious signs of the Jim Crow era: separate water fountains, segregated lunch counters and balcony seating for blacks in theaters. Many other racial barriers have been breached — the city has had a number of black officials, including congressmen and mayors, and Batts is not the first black police commissioner.

If even one White remains, that’s the problem. When we’re gone the wailing will change to “Come back Whitey…we dying hee-ah!”

Batts told The Baltimore Sun that his comments were designed to shake up the city and start conversations to create solutions — not malign Baltimore’s image.