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The Rothschilds control the world through usury.  You will not get this information from the Kosher pres.


The Bank of England, owned by the Rothschilds, is the center of globalization, chaos and war.

“Whatever Satan devises, Judaism delivers.” – Pastor Eli James

From my essay on the Eighth Beast of the Apocalypse:


As a result of Wellington’s Victory, the Rothschild family made the first of many huge killings in the British stock market by spreading the rumor the Wellington had been defeated at Waterloo. According to popular reports, Nathan Rothschild had already learned by carrier-pigeon message that Wellington had won. According to the book, The Rothschilds, a Family Portrait, by Frederic Morton, here is what actually happened:

“For thirty hours the fate of Europe hung veiled in cannon smoke. On June 19, 1815, late in the afternoon a Rothschild agent named Rothworth jumped into a boat at Ostend. In his hand he held a Dutch gazette still damp from the printer. By the dawn light of June 20 Nathan Rothschild stood at Folkstone harbor and let his eye fly over the lead paragraphs. A moment later he was on his way to London (beating Wellington’s envoy by many hours) to tell the government that Napoleon had been crushed. Then he proceeded to the stock exchange.

(NOTE: By this time, the Rothschilds had central banks located in Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Naples, and even in Paris, with each of Meyer Amschel Rothschild’s five sons in charge of a branch. Because of all these spread-out locations, the Rothschilds had developed a system of secret couriers who could deliver messages more quickly than even the military messengers of Europe’s various armies. Napoleon had standing orders that these messengers should be detained wherever they might be suspected. Having received news from one of his own couriers of Wellington’s victory, Nathan Rothschild went and told certain members of the government the truth, but what he did at the stock exchange was a different matter. Read on.)

“Another man would have sunk his worth into consols [British securities, – E.J.]. But this was Nathan Rothschild. He leaned against “his” pillar. He did not invest. He sold. He dumped consols.

“His name was already such that a single substantial move on his part sufficed to bear or bull an issue. Consols fell. Nathan leaned and leaned, and sold and sold. Consols dropped still more.

“Rothschild knows” the whisper rippled through the ‘Change. “Waterloo is lost.”

“Nathan kept on selling, his round face motionless and stern, his pudgy fingers depressing the market by tens of thousands of pounds with each sell signal. Consols dived. Consols plummeted – until, a split second before it was too late, Nathan suddenly bought a giant parcel for a song. Moments afterwards the great news broke, to send consols soaring.”

(Talk about insider trading – not to mention greed and chutzpah! There’s no telling how many investors and their families were ruined by this Rothschild stratagem.)

After Wellington’s Rothschild-financed army defeated Naploeon at Waterloo, Nathan Rotshchild had demonstrated his economic might by nearly bankrupting Great Britain so that he could make a huge killing in the stock market, thus further profiting from the war. The Rothschild Money Power has secretly and relentlessly conspired to rule over the nations ever since, setting up privately-owned central banks that dictate economic terms to these same nations, although this is a secret only to the public. America’s Federal Reserve System is just such a privately-owned bank, operated for the profit of the bankers, not the good of the nation. The Rothschilds and other international banking families have always been the inspiration for all subsequent attempts to create a One-World-Government.