Tom Cotton
Republican hopeful recommends bombing Iran, says it would only take a few days

Easter Sunday’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the “state” daily, had a front page lead in to a long article giving bragging space to Tom Cotton, the same brand new U.S. Senator who wrote the ridiculous and unlawful insulting letter to the Iranian government.

This article is unabashedly Israel centered, Cotton’s apparent reason for living. Well, the article is more Israeli loving American Jew centered. It went into somewhat detailed enumeration of Cotton’s campaign funds derived from Jewish sources. In fact, the gist of the article was about how the republicans are reaping a nice cash flow from Israeli loving Jews when in the past that cash went to democrats almost exclusively.

Listed donators to Cotton are:

1. The Emergency Committee for Israel, led by Wm. Kristol of the “Weekly Standard” and Cotton’s apparent guru. It’s not certain whether Cotton wrote the letter to Iran or if it was dictated to him by Kristol, No. 1 rabid Iran hater. $960,000.

2. Paul Singer, the hedge fund billionaire bastard who bought Argentina’s forgiven debt for pennies on the dollar and then had a New York Jew judge allow him to try to bankrupt Argentina for the full amount of the previously forgiven debt, gave through Arkansas Horizon, an “independent” group supporting Cotton. $250,000.

3. Seth Klarman, Boston based billionaire, through his investment firm. $100,000.

4. John Bolton’s political action committee, also highly financed by Irving and Cherna Moskowitz of Miami. At least $825,000.

5. Sheldon Adelson. $ ? No amount listed.

So there is a known bare minimum of $2,135,000 donated to the gung ho to the point of deeply sickening “Christian Zionist” rhetoric spouting Cotton.

Every donor listed being a Jew and not a single one of them a citizen of Arkansas, one of the poorest states in the union.

Typical of present American elections. Criminality which needs be corrected if this country is going to continue the farce of “democratic elections.” This is simply Talmudic Jews buying elections to keep the United States Government in THEIR pocket, geared to do THEIR evil, actually satanic, desires, using brainless dupes such as Tom Cotton to accomplish THEIR ends.

Land of the free? What a joke. Free to the 1% only. The rest of us are enslaved.

To read article on the Republican hopeful from Arkansas who recommends bombing Iran:


From Editorial: Republican Idiocy on IranMARCH 11, 2015

“Tom Cotton is ahead of the mainstream of Republicans on foreign policy thinking,” said Bill Kristol, the editor of the conservative Weekly Standard and an early supporter of Mr. Cotton’s political career. “Most of those running in 2016 will sound a lot more like Cotton than Rand Paul.”

If Mr. Cotton and other newcomers wish to lead on military and foreign affairs issues, then “more power to them,” said Senator John McCain of Arizona, who once referred to Mr. Paul and Mr. Cruz as “wacko birds.” “I was a bit of an upstart myself.”