“The Muslim Dominoes must fall.”  – prophecy by Pastor Eli James in 2003.

A question for all thinking people:  “If Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, why didn’t he use them?”  If he had had such weapons, it would have been absolute stupidity not to use them against the invaders.

One more question:  “How long must we wait before all of this bloodshed produces democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan?”

An excerpt from my book, “The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-Christ Has Deceived the Whole World:

Few people realize how stage-managed all international conflicts are.  The blatant demagoguery of the Bush administration in its attack on Iraq was too obvious.  The publicly stated reason for invading Iraq was the alleged existence of “weapons of mass destruction.”  No such weapons were ever found, neither chemical nor biological.  At the same time, the Israeli State possesses tactical nuclear weapons!  Don’t think for a minute that these fanatics won’t use these weapons!  Why aren’t we telling the Jews to disarm? – especially since the Israeli State is a theocratic dictatorship, not a democracy.

If Saddam Hussein had actually had such weapons in usable form, he certainly would have used them.  Zionist strategy in the Middle East is simple: the Muslim dominoes must fall.  Let the American military machine do the dirty work for the Zionists, and let the American taxpayer pay for it.  The Bush family’s profiteering and the Zionists’ imperialistic designs have engineered America’s assault on the Muslim world.  The Muslim world is the only part of the world which does not employ the Jewish usury system of debt-capital.  As such, Islam is the only true obstacle to complete Zionist domination.

Throughout history, patriotism, nationalism, fear tactics and ethnic pride have been used to whip people into a warlike frenzy. The war on Iraq was no different.  The American people have had little inkling that their leadership has been utterly corrupted by Zionism, and that Zionism will use our military for all it is worth. Our people have been manipulated like herds of cattle into corrals of fear and retaliation.  The Zionist International creates tensions between two states and their politicians employ demagoguery and demonization in order to gain support for military operations.

Think. Think. Think.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

This is not an armchair liberal parlor game.  This is life and death and YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Anglo-Saxon, are the prime targets for extermination.  The Anti-Christ knows full well that, after the Muslim world has been defeated, the only obstacle to his success will be Christianity as it is practiced by the Anglo-Saxons.  It is this Christianity which has built the world as we know it.  The Anti-Christ, if he has to, will destroy all of this in order to eliminate your being and your faith, and, ultimately, your SEED.

The hour is late.  The Titanic is sinking and you see fish swimming around outside your porthole.  The time has come to act.

If, at the moment, you do not know what to do, then start praying for Israel’s national re-emergence and redemption.  Pray, especially, the 91st Psalm for you and your family’s protection.  Then ask Yahweh, your God, to send His Son in Judgment quickly, before it is too late.  “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest.”  — Luke 10:2.

You can read chapter 8 for free at www.anglo-saxonisrael.com and order a copy from the bookstore there.

– Eli

Weapons of Mass Deception: The Zionist Controlled Press