From the excellent Irish Savant Feb 2nd 2015

Everyone on this site must have heard of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day-War in 1967. Just to recap, the Liberty, which was focused on intelligence-gathering and thus lightly armed, was attacked by Israeli Mystere jets using machine guns and napalm, and by attack boats which hit the ship with several torpedoes. As survivors scrambled for safety the Israelis strafed the lifeboats with machine gun fire. All the evidence to hand makes it clear that the Israelis knew that the Liberty was American although the motives of Moshe Dayan, who ordered the attack, remain unclear to this day.

Nothing illustrated the validity of the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) charge than this incident and the American reaction to it. For a start while the two hour attack was in progress “Defense” Secretary Robert McNamara called back a US rescue mission, stating ‘President Johnson is not going to war or embarrass a close ally for the sake of a few sailors’.  Leaving the callousness aside, and the fact that the same President used ‘an attack on a few sailors’ (Tonkin incident) to declare war on North Vietnam, the reluctance to ’embarrass’ a country that was in the process of murdering your servicemen beggars belief.But what really blew my mind was the story of the Grafton Memorial. This relates to the privately-funded memorial library to be established in the city of Grafton near Milwaukee twenty years after the attack. As was and still is required in the Land Of The Free, the Israeli connection was played down with the focus almost exclusively on commemorating those who had served and suffered.Now you’d imagine that local Jews would have at worst kept their heads down, at best supported the project while apologising for the Israeli ‘mistake’.  Not a bit of it!  Instead the attack dogs were unleashed, crying – you’ve guessed it – ‘anti-Semitism’. Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz declared it ‘insulting to Jews’ while James Fromstein of the Milwaukee Jewish Council proclaimed the Liberty incident(!) to be a ‘sensitive subject considered offencive to Jewish people everywhere’I swear I’m not making this up.But it gets better. The local press turned on the Outrage Button. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal thundered  ‘where is the outrage in Grafton?  Why is there no outcry?‘ Now let me be clear, because we’re talking about an upside down world here. The requested outrage and outcry were against the idea of commemorating American servicemen who had given their lives for their country, because such commemoration might offend the sensitivities of the people who cost them their lives!But it gets better still. The full machinery of the national and local government was brought to bear on the memorial organisers.  An $83,000 federal donation was withdrawn, an invitation to the White House to send a representative was ignored (as was a personal invitation to GHW Bush), the local high school refused to provide a band for the opening ceremony, denouncing the organisers as Nazis, while the Commander of a nearby Naval Training Centre was ordered not to attend by Naval brass.Remind me of ZOG again….