Angelina in SaltSeveral years ago another movie came out about those evil Russkies. It went by the name of Salt, the heroine of the flick. Movies are propaganda and this one was yet another one promoting a re-ignition of the Cold War. Today we see that same propaganda being pushed on the news side of the media matrix.


By Penelope Thornton

The plot device that sets the story in motion in Salt is the fact that Vasili Orloff, a mysterious Russian defector, exposes Evelyn Salt as a KGB plant, and therefore makes it that much more difficult, if not impossible, for her to fulfill her mission. And it also triggers her rage, whereby she turns on her Russian masters.

Ted Winter, the Russian double spy posing as a CIA chief, tells her that after her Korean imprisonment and torture, the CIA began to suspect her. And he finds out that he is right about her when it turns out, as he sees on television, that she has not killed the Russian president.
Is U.S. president meant here? No, she’s supposed to kill the Russian president to re-ignite the Cold War, but only paralyzed him temporarily. She has, in fact, turned on her Russian masters.

I think it striking that the Salt character is a disillusioned KGB spy, who wants to prevent the U.S. from launching a missile attack on Mecca and Tehran and thereby starting World War III, an attack actually being masterminded by a Russian spy. So, Hollywood is telling us it’s those evil Ruskies that have penetrated the highest levels of power in the American government and are starting a war against the Iranians. Americans have undergone decades of conditioned response to the Russians.

You could read this as a very elaborate, Jewish revenge piece against the Russians for getting rid of Communism, for backing the Iranians against the Israelis, or even for having defeated them way back in the 10th century. Russians are certainly one of Hollywood’s staple bad guys. You know who the other ones are.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was largely conceived and directed by Jewish intellectuals and activists, and funded by Jewish money from the United States. After 75 years of this utopia, the Russian people decided they had had enough. Interestingly, this movie with its anti-Russian theme was being pushed at the same time the Jewish “neo-cons” in D.C. were taking another stab at getting the U.S .involved in a war, this one with Iran. And way back in the 900s the Rus, forefathers of the Russians, defeated the Khazarian Empire that had converted to Judaism.

So, do I believe that the anti-Arab propaganda has run its course and become too transparent to even the perennial naive American? Not yet. Or do I observe that the Arab-American has decided to join the brown anti-white campaign and so we do need another bad guy? Actually both are becoming true.
Who better than another white guy to be the bad guy? So it’s back to the Ruskies, who coincidentally enough, are backing the Iranians against this lunatic war being cooked up in D.C. by Jewish dual citizens in the U.S. government. Or should I say Zionist? Back to the movies.

“They took everything from me. I’ll kill them all.” Salt tells an FBI agent. Salt is the wounded woman. She has lost her family as a child, been tortured, and seen her husband shot before her eyes. Lilith is the original wounded woman.

Her very elusiveness makes her all-powerful. In order to be a double agent, you have to have a certain independence of spirit that is quite unique.
Salt is deceitful. She wears a number of different masks. Lilith is deceitful, and she’s a creature of the night, and subterfuge is associated with the night. Lilith is evil. She is evil because she is deceitful, and women have often been judged deceitful. Treachery, double dealing and the ability to wear many masks have all been thought of as female vices. So oddly enough, this hyper-liberated babe is a reincarnation of the misogynist’s woman.

She flies through the air like a demon. And Lilith is that demon who flies through the night air haunting deserted places and attacking children. In Kabbalistic literature too, tells us, Lilith retains her role as strangler of babies and seductress of sleeping men for the purpose of conceiving demons.

Not Salt, specifically, but Angelina Jolie has had a number of men as has any Hollywood babe, but she is also in the forefront, adopting children from all over the world. Her little demons?

Salt plays the part of a woman, a beautiful woman, but also the part of the man.

Does Salt play the part of a man? Yes, she poses as a man in the CIA headquarters for a brief period to throw off her trackers.
Lilith is a hermaphrodite. This is one of the original and most ancient concepts of Lilith as a hermaphrodite who later becomes the split-off female half. Is Hollywood trying to tell us that the future is one of a blended race (no whites) of hermaphrodites (no sexes)? The media industry certainly makes a point of depicting a disproportionate number of black males on the screen and of specifically black male, white female couples in advertising and as news anchors. Not only does this wipe out the white male but ultimately the white female.

Androgyny is all the rage in hip circles. It dovetails with the “we are all the same” theme. Is diversity the first step to genetic uniformity?
Lilith is the spark of creation. And Salt is one very resourceful, creative operative.

All of this is why I think the character of Salt is Lilith, and why Angelina Jolie herself is Lilith. She is certainly not the Eve character. She is not the victimized woman. And I don’t think she has ever played that role. Her babes are all tough, starting with Girl, Interrupted. That character was really very tough, even though we are made to understand that she is misguided. And then just take a look at all her roles through to this last one.

But they are not masculine, and that is interesting. Not at all. She is touted as the world’s most beautiful woman. She certainly creates mystique. She’s got mystique all wrapped up.

I can say she is definitely working on the level of the archetype. She is no fool, this woman, she really knows what she is about and what she is doing.

What is fascinating is that Hollywood has been putting women into a very masculine mold for decades only to arrive back at one of the most ancient depictions, or archetypes, of the female, that of Lilith. And Lilith is evil. She has been considered evil in each of the patriarchal religion, starting with Judaism, and Christianity, and in Islam, which considers the djinn, or demons of the air, her children.
And she is evil because she is knowledgeable. She is one canny babe.

Like all the other characters in the movies I’ve discussed she is also impossible to emulate. So that leaves me arriving at the end of this trip to the movies with more questions than answers.

Do white women really want to be that hard, tough and independent? Is that really satisfying or is it just lonely?
Do white women really want to overcome all of life’s hurdles by themselves? Does anyone? Is it even possible?
What’s depicted in some of these movies is a type of heroine who is unapproachable.

Do white women really want to raise children by themselves? Isn’t it just a lot of hard work? And you could ask, “Aren’t children entitled to know both parents, and by extension, to know both sexes?”

Salt exits the screen as a woman on the path of revenge. Lilith has been wreaking her revenge on humanity since her exclusion from the garden. Interestingly enough, there is a Jewish feminist magazine called Lilith.

Even though liberal Jews would not want us to think so, Judaism and its central text, holds women in contempt. And the observation has been made a number of times that the feminist movement wound up being controlled by Jewish women. Is Lilith a particularly Jewish female revenge against Jewish men?

So why have they enlisted white women in their war with their men? Or have they just conned white women into warring with their own men? If they can get white men and women to destroy each other, it opens the gate to everybody else on the planet coming to live in Europe and America.
So this brings me around to why , White Chick’s Burden, is the alternate title for this article. White Chic’s Burden is an obvious takeoff on The White Man’s Burden, and instead of calling it Bad Assed Babes. This is why.

Bad assed babes are the height of cool. However, to attempt to be a bad assed babe is really a burden. It’s a white chick’s burden; one they have unwittingly taken on.

White women are being indoctrinated to raise children by themselves; to work two jobs in order to survive, to live by themselves; to think of a series of casual sexual relationships as normal; and to work brutally demanding jobs that were once thought of as men’s work. Is this smart?
The above would be the most prosaic interpretation of the message behind these movies. The other is that women are given a number of impossible role models to emulate, and that the average woman is by comparison, someone not even worth the bother.

Super girl can bust through the glass ceiling, but what will you do?

Haiti has to be adopted; the whales hosed down and taken back to sea; the Globe needs cooling off; and you better dust off those Nikes and join the marathon to find a cure for breast cancer. The boys need to go to sensitivity training on Tuesday, and the girls, of course, have soccer camp on Wednesday. Then there’s computer camp for both on Thursday and Cooking Lessons for Teens at Whole Foods on Friday afternoon, and couples therapy Saturday morning at 11 o’clock, where, hopefully, you can come to terms with the fact that Bob has decided that he really needs is to explore his sexuality. Sunday morning, we have the inter-religious sunrise celebration of the oneness of mankind, and the beauty of Gaia. Oh yeah, and the dog has agility training.

Decades ago, at the beginning of the Golden Era, California Humanist Psychologists were asking Christians if they were really living authentic lives. Wasn’t all that kindness really kind of phony? But then, can you really have a less authentic life than the one modeled by Hollywood? I think you’d be hard pressed to find it.

Besides being guys, girls still want to be good. In all seriousness, the compassion of white women is a beautiful thing, but it, too, has its limits. It also might be worth asking if all the people you want to save, really give a damn about you? And more importantly, I feel it has been hijacked to serve another agenda, the destruction of the West.

I am beginning to wonder whose liberation it was. It seems women’s lives are harder than ever. It is also worth asking if gay men and black men are white women’s natural allies. Politics does make strange bedfellows.

Why not adopt white kids? Why worry about a country half way across the world when your own is falling apart? There are more poor whites in the United States than there are blacks period.

So we must hope that there is a choice between Lilith, some revenge minded harridan from the ancient past and Eve, who, as we know, was framed. And should we ever have listened to Adrienne Rich, who teaches ‘her sisters’ that all sex is rape or some white nationalists, who recommend taking the vote away from women and not allowing them to work? There seems to be no shortage of ideological idiots in today’s political landscape.
The battle between white men and women is the saddest outcome of all this. The extreme rift, actually outright hatred expressed by some white nationalists toward white women is really disturbing. They feel betrayed. And white women feel abandoned. The free for all sex culture has done an extraordinary amount of damage to the relationship of white men and women.

If the white race thinks it is going to survive, it will require two sexes.

And in a happier vein, I want to mention something. I was standing in a bus line at a Highland Games recently. In front of me was a young couple. She was beautiful with all the soft beauty of a young woman, he handsome and proud. They were animated and engaged in conversation, completely absorbed in one another. The stuff of dreams lost for so many of their elders. Hopefully they will be smarter and build themselves a beautiful world.

Bio box:
Penelope Thornton always loved the movies and music. She stopped going to the movies about 10 years ago when she and friends noticed the themes were all too predictable and the violence had become sickening. Then several years ago she returned only to see the propaganda that much more clearly. The images on the silver screen are bigger than life and, as she sees it, are shaping life as we know it today.