HG-1By Mike King

It has often been said that, “art imitates life”. This is especially true when it comes to the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) and its perverted little habit of using its controlled “entertainment” – a form of art – to subtly reveal their evil deeds while programming our minds at the same time. The most astute will catch these hints, and then be ridiculed for pointing them out.

For example, a 1997 episode of the degenerate cartoon TV show, The Simpsons, depicted the boy Bart Simpson holding up a wad of cash in front of a comic book with a huge number ‘9’ in front of the ’11’ formed by the doomed twin towers of New York. Another episode from that same period showed a couple dancing in front of a portrait of the burning towers. These images were clearly intended to foreshadow what was to come; the perpetrators perverted way of saying, “Ha Ha. Look what we are going to do to you stupid goyim!”


One could fill an entire manuscript with examples of similar cases of “art imitating life”, or rather, “art predicting life”. But today’s lesson is about the phenomenon of the legendary Harlem Globetrotters basketball team; an athletic show which mirrored contemporary politics and, in a certain sense, also predicted the future. Let the “conspiracy deniers” laugh all they want at this expose of the Globetrotters. The fact is, probably unbeknownst to the skilled and charming players, and to their millions of little White fans, the all-Black Harlem Globetrotters artistically symbolized everything that is foul about American politics; and also forecast the bleak future that was being planned for White Americans; a future that will only get worse.

The origins of the Harlem Globetrotters exhibition basketball team date back to the south side of Chicago in the 1920s, where all the original players grew up.  In 1928, several players formed a team called the Savoy Big Five that toured Illinois. Seeing the opportunities, a Jewish ‘bigshot’ named Abe Saperstein  soon took over the team and began touring Illinois and Iowa. Saperstein named the squad the “New York Harlem Globetrotters.” Although the team never set foot in New York, the clever Saperstein chose Harlem as their “home city”, since Harlem was considered the center of Black culture and an “out-of-town” name would give the team more of a mystique.

HG-3Young Abe Saperstein saw both the financial and sociological opportunities early on.

 The Globetrotters were perennial participants in the World Professional Basketball Tournament and considered one of the best teams in the country. The team was eventually eclipsed by the rise of the National Basketball Association in the 1950s. Saperstein’s Globetrotters would adapt by working comic routines into their  games, until their events became entertainment acts more than actual athletic contests. The Globetrotters’ acts would feature incredible coordination and skillful handling of one or more basketballs, and making unusual, difficult shots.

In 1952, Saperstein asked fellow Jewish millionaire Red Klotz to create a squad to accompany the Globe Trotters on their tours. With a nod to the soon-to-be President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Klotz’s team was named the Washington Generals. The role of the all-White Washington Generals was to act as the foils, and the fools, for the Globetrotters to humiliate, again, and again, and again.

HG-4Klotz was not only the owner of the stooge-team Generals, he was also the coach
and a player. In later years, a few token Blacks were added to the Generals.

HG-51- The Generals’ team logo depicts a mighty Black giant overpowering a White player.
2- Jewish Team owner Red Klotz – the “opposition” to Jew Saperstein’s Globetrotters (3)

 In 1959, during the peak of the Cold War, Saperstein and Klotz took their teams to Moscow. The notorious American-Communist newspaper legend, Drew Pearson, used the Soviet tour to falsely promote the USSR as being a free and open society, making note of the fact that the Globetrotters were paid per each game.

Saperstein died in 1966, but the show went on as a trio of new owners took over. The glory days of Saperstein’s Globetrotters and Klotz’s Generals peaked during the 1970’s; the same period during which your intrepid historian was growing up. Globetrotter games were periodically shown on Saturday television. Hyped to the hilt by the Jewish-controlled media, the team became an international phenomenon and even had its own cartoon show and comic book series!

HG-61- Harlem Globetrotters comic book and TV cartoon
2- Meadowlark Lemon teaches First Lady Betty Ford how to dribble

As a child, my friends and I admired the all-Black Globetrotters. Millions of young boys would mimic the catchy whistled theme song of the Globetrotters, “Sweet Georgia Brown”. We even tried to mimic their ball-handling tricks on the school playground. The Globetrotters were funny, charming, cool, irreverent, confident, and could really play the game too. How could an impressionable child not love these guys?

Conversely, the mostly White “opposition” Generals were stiff, goofy, odious, unskilled, and always whining to the “referees” about the Globetrotters’ hilarious rule-bending antics. The Generals were like a bunch of Mitt Romneys in shorts and sneakers. What a treat it was for a brainwashed young boy to see Meadowlark Lemon, Curly Neal and the rest of the “bruthas” crap all over the goofy White-boys, and the 1 or 2 token “Uncle Tom” teammates,  of the stooge-team Generals (sometimes appearing as the Boston Shamrocks, New Jersey Reds, Baltimore Rockets, or Atlantic City Seagulls).

HG-71- The funny and talented Curly Neil & Meadowlark Lemon
2 & 3 – The pull-the-pants-down gag is a staple of Globetrotter games

How were we as children to suspect that a devilish psychological ploy was targeting our undeveloped psyches? The propaganda effect of the Globetrotters was not lost on the America-hating Communist Jesse “I-spit-in-White-folks’-food” Jackson. Ironically, because of the buffoonery involved in many of the Globetrotters’ skits, they had drawn some criticism from a few of the most unhinged “Civil Rights activists”. However, the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson (who would later be named an Honorary Globetrotter) came to the team’s  defense by stating, “I think they’ve been a positive influence… They did not show Blacks as stupid. On the contrary, they were shown as superior.”

Of course, no “Civil Rights activists” ever complained of the buffoonish ineptitude that the White players of the Generals were compelled to act out! No, only a “racist” or a “Nazi” would even notice such a thing.

Today’s Globetrotters are owned by Herschend Family Entertainment. Just prior to the 2011-12 World Tour the Washington Generals (aka New York Nationals)  underwent yet another name change. They began facing the Harlem Globetrotters as both the “International Elite” and the “Global Select”, alternating between the two from game to game. “Globie” has been their mascot since 1993.

HG-81- The Globalist mascot
2- The beat-down of mostly White teams remains popular on US & European tours.
3- American and European children still enjoy seeing the Globetrotters humiliate their controlled opposition

 As discerning adults well-versed in “conspiracy theory”, we can now see how the Saperstein-Klotz circus both imitated, shaped, and predicted life. It’s all there:

  • Jewish moguls controlling both sides of a rigged “contest”
  • The theme of Globalism / Globetrotters
  • Whites made to look stupid by the Jew owner’s wholly-owned “cool” Black agents

Yours truly was fortunate enough, and philosophical enough, to eventually see how this great con-game is played. But one can only guess at how many millions of innocent little Globetrotter-loving White children later grew into libtarded Obongo-loving sycophants with latent self-hating tendencies. Bend a child’s perceptions and you will rule the future! As innocent and as fun as it may have seemed at the time, the Harlem Globetrotter phenomenon, along with movies like To Kill a Mockingbird and TV dramas like Roots, played a huge psychological part in that psychological war.

This War on Whites is very real, dating back at least to the 1909 founding of the NAACP by Jewish moguls. Ironically, Black communities have also suffered immensely as the result of the liberal policies of their Marxist Jewish “benefactors”. The Left’s social and economic schemes have devastated Black families and their local economies. It’s high time Blacks, Whites, and even some unsuspecting Jews wake up to the evil agenda of the Globalist-Zionist New World Order; that vicious and predatory arch-enemy and arch-oppressor of all good people everywhere.

Politics imitates Jewish art: a “cool” Black Superman makes a fool of a bunch of goofy White stiffs…



…to the delight of stupid White libtards …


…..as ‘you-know-who’ laughs all the way to the bank!