By Rufus from News From Atlantis

When I began this blog, my main focus was upon the ancient world, sacred geometry and prehistorical mythology. Over time, this focus shifted into a defence of the natural order as applied to current times, then it shifted again into a narrow defence of my own racial group and a defacto attack upon those outside it. The reason for the shift has been a gradual change in the environment in which I live, which has impacted upon my desire to study esoteric matters. I am still fascinated by the ancient ways and by the truths which lay hidden in mythology and in what is pejoratively referred to as the Occult by people who do not understand that Occult simply means hidden, and is not in any way synonymous with anything ‘evil’. When I first started writing, I had the luxury of exploring deep and obscure areas; now the situation in my locality has deteriorated to the point where my thoughts are concentrated on the more basic issues of mere survival. This says a lot about the situation in metropolitan Yorkshire.


Historically, the finest minds to produce the greatest philosophies have belonged to men who have lived remote from city life; men who have been free to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding by virtue of not having to worry about the more mundane matters which preoccupy the rest of us.  There is a link between natural living and the ability to think.  City living is detrimental to all of us in many ways; spiritual, physical and psychological.  The rush to urbanise the West has the visible effect of wrecking the land, but it also has the equally disastrous effect of wrecking the people by pushing us into a form of existence which is not only un-natural, but anti-natural.


Abraham Maslow wrote in his 1954 work, Motivation and Personality, about a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. The common sense theory put into scientific form what is really self-evident; in order for people to reach their highest potential, they must satisfy their most basic requirements, such as adequate food and shelter. People who are constantly in fear for the security of their children or themselves, will obviously be at a disadvantage in the search for understanding, in comparison with those who live in safety. The decline of Europe and many other parts of the world can be seen as a direct consequence of destroying the security and well-being of the people, thus forcing them to focus upon their basic needs at the cost of exploring the infinite realm of possibilities which awaits our attention, if only we are allowed to give it.


A restoration of natural living is a pre-requisite for a sane world. The current engineered disconnection from nature has far deeper consequences than we are immediately aware of.  We are increasingly aware of its symptoms and to some extent we suspect its causes, but its full ramifications are staggering.


The artificial world is the world of materialism, wage slavery, greed, envy and fear.  This is the world which we let our rulers build up around us. This is the world which we must turn our backs upon.  That is not going to be an easy task!  What we need is a very real revolution, but a revolution of thought as well as of action.  Now, this is not something which we can expect to happen by following leaders who have their own agendas.  History points to the hijacking of genuine revolutionary movements by those who stood to lose most by the people rejecting the tyranny of finance or the dictatorship of religion.  We only need to look at the People’s Republic of China to see that the promises of Mao Tse Tung have come to naught as the very materialistic forces that the revolutionaries under him thought they were overcoming, have turned the People’s Republic into the People’s Penal Colony.


Freedom comes when one takes responsibility for one’s self and for one’s kin and achieves the highest practicable degree of self-reliance.  The rural lifestyle of working on the land, bartering and sharing with one’s neighbours and being true to one’s word, is the natural lifestyle which provides the foundation for the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of wisdom.  Urban life is the antithesis of all which is wholesome.  The back-biting dog-eat-dog selfishness which comes from living detached from nature, can only be avoided if one escapes the city.  The modern economic system promotes city living and denigrates those who refuse to join in the scramble for material trinkets and the status possessing items deemed fashionable confers upon those who have them – regardless of how they obtain them.


The destruction of the land is directly linked with the destruction of the people.  If we do not have agricultural land, we cannot feed ourselves and thus we have to rely on others to produce food for us.  In the Capitalist system, food is a commodity like any other.  Food can also be used as a weapon.  When the Irish resisted the imperialist aggression of the Talmudised ‘British’ royal family and their assets in the Anglo-Irish Establishment, they were subjected to deliberate starvation as a collective punishment for daring to resist the tyranny of London.  Likewise, when the peasants of the Ukraine threatened the Talmudised ‘Russian’ government under Stalin, they too were subjected to mass starvation.  The Gorta Mór and the Holodomor may have occurred at opposite ends of Europe, but they were both instigated to break the will of subjugated people who dared to stand up against evil despots.

Every inch of soil which is concreted over is an inch of soil which is denied to the people.  We do not need more housing, more motorways – and heaven forbid – more ‘out of town’ shopping centres!  We need a reduction in the population, and a redistribution of land.  The ancient measurement unit, the acre, is the amount of land which a man can plough in a day, using non-mechanised methods; it is the minimum amount of land which every British family should be entitled to as a birthright.  A return to the land following the restoration of the nation to its rightful owners – the people, not the Judaised Ruling Class or the immigrants brought in to drive down wages and perpetuate the exploitative economic corporate system – would see the UK turned from a land which has to rely on the good will (and trade) of others to feed its people, into a land in which every family could have enough land to grow its own food.  Removing the fear of hunger would be a vital step in the drive to raising up the population out of wage-slavery and onto the path towards the realisation of the full potential of every member of the nation.

The UK is seen as the engine of the financial system which is destroying the planet – the City of London and the Stock Exchange are an international menace which are ruining every country upon which they have an influence; most of all the UK itself. Throwing off the shackles of finance imperialism is not only  something which we must do in order to save ourselves; it is something which would serve to help free the rest of the world too.  Our country could become a beacon of light to the world, rather than a festering sore, parasitically feeding on humanity.  Of course, this is long-term thinking, but it is not an impossibility.


We can build a better nation for our people if we try.  We have to cut off all support for the Establishment; for the pædophile-protectors in the police; for the supermarkets; for those who build upon our sacred land; for the television, radio, music industry and all other media of social control.  We can empower ourselves by policing our own neighbourhoods – and keeping the police of the enemy out!  We can build our own healthy and wholesome media to promote natural living and moral hygiene.  We can educate our children, rather than abandoning the most precious members of society to the State. We can make the effort to practice what we preach.  The first step towards a genuine revolution is the revolution of the mind.


Breaking free from the urban lifestyle is not simply a case of moving to the country – something which for many of us trapped in the inner urban sewer by falling house prices in our areas and escalating ones outside, cannot be done in any case.  Breaking free requires freeing our own minds.  We need to look at our most basic needs and then strive to fulfill them ourselves.  Starting at the very lowest level by growing whatever we can in order to loosen the stranglehold of the supermarkets, is a good step.  From that step we can use our new resources to barter with like-minded people who are sick of being held to ransom by those who can dictate the prices of our life resources.  As we liberate our selves from the death grip of the parasites who seek to control our most fundamental requirements, we can then move our focus up to achieving self control over more areas of our lives.


If we can take back control of our lives at the lowest levels, that will empower us to unite with others and to take back more power from our enemies.  We can then utilise this energy in taking the battle to the enemy and rather than passively accepting that we cannot change things, we will see that we already are doing and take this to inspire action at ever more daring and effective levels.


If we are to find freedom and to thus enjoy the ability to expand our horizons culturally, psychologically and in every way which really matters, we need to have the confidence to take the necessary measures to break free from the control of our owners.  We are wage slaves; we are slaves to the media; we are slaves to the unattainable goal of having a peaceful life of respectability and ‘normality’. We are slaves because as a collective whole we accept our slavery and kowtow to the ne’er do wells and self-righteous majority who tell us that we can do nothing but live as we do.  Freedom brings with it infinite possibilities, but unless we are prepared to free ourselves, all our posturing, whining, exposing of the evils in others etc etc, will be pointless.  To thine own self be true – or shut up and obey your masters like a good little dog who may bark a little but is no threat to anyone.
Freedom Brings Infinite Possibilities