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Leftist Bias on BBC – (Bolshevik Brainwashing Comintern)

Here is a segment from the BBC program Dateline London that appears on their News 24 channel. The program features invited guests discussing the major news items of recent days. Since it was reported in recent days that immigration to Britain had surged 40% in the last year, that came up as one of the topics. The video shows the discussion, which followed an item about ISIS.

The first thing to note is the composition of the panel itself: Owen Jones and Nesrine Malik are both Guardian writers with far-left views. The fact that Malik writes for the Guardian was not mentioned in the introduction to the program, probably it was too obviously embarrassing to have two Guardian writers on at the same time. There was no balancing voice from the right. The only two other panelists were both foreign correspondents, including Michael Goldfarb who has worked for NPR and the BBC, so can be assumed to be fairly left-wing himself. Foreign correspondents, in general, cannot be expected to take any strong line on domestic left-right issues, so the Guardian writers went essentially unchallenged.

The BBC presenter kicks off the discussion by stating that immigration is a “poisonous, potentially poisonous issue”, without explaining what he means by that. The child sage Owen Jones immediately pitches in with a demand that immigration not be linked to the fact that “British” people are chopping heads off in Iraq. Yes, of course. There’s no connection there at all. He then launches into the same line pioneered by Karl Marx, that when Europeans express concern about their lands being colonised and dominated by non-Europeans, everything they say should simply be disregarded because they are, in reality, (subconsciously) dissatisfied with their economic circumstances. “It has become a source of deflected anger”. What we need is more hard-left policies to magically resolve all those problems, the child says.

Goldfarb then joins in, assuring us that “it will not be possible to keep them out of Britain”. He then blames Europeans for the fact that Muslim colonists are going out to join the jihad in Syria. Their grievances grow because “they will not be allowed to be fully English”. Nesrine Malik then helpfully explains that nearly all the recent immigrants are all “good” and so we don’t need to worry about the numbers at all. The French woman then ignores the question put to her and launches into a series of sob stories about “migrants” coming in boats that were not seaworthy and invaders camped out in Calais where they have no “dignity”.

On the whole, a relentlessly biased segment in a relentlessly biased program. Polls show that immigration is the top concern of the British people, yet, on elite media, their views go unrepresented, being simply referenced in passing with the kind of condescension and contempt we see here.

From: http://diversitymachtfrei.blogspot.com/2014/08/typical-example-of-leftist-bias-on-bbc.html