The following article is to be found on the WIN-WHITE website under the title Neo-Tribalism. It is a detailed analysis of specific characteristics of white people which have been clinically exploited by our enemies to bring about our current state of decrepitude. It also points the way to recovery. Our main comment would be that it is not neo-tribalism that is needed, but a return to the lawful tribalism as given to us by Yahweh. As Andrew Carrington Hitchcock clearly put it, the answer to The Synagogue of Satan is the Name of Yahweh.


The Coming of the New Tribe

The purpose of recapturing selected populated areas is a dramatic but pragmatic response to our present condition. As an ethnic group, the British exist beneath enemy occupation and to these enemies open warfare is something to be avoided. Our extermination was instead kindled spiritually and ideologically before preparations were made for our genetic adulteration and racial replacement. Throughout this discreet process we have displayed plaintively little resistance. Our enemies have selected their battles with extreme care and attention to their adversaries shortcomings.

Because the majority of our kind – even within the racialist movement – are well stocked with our hereditary Aryan Morality, we still labour under the misapprehension that the fight is fair and success can be achieved by utilising our own pre-programmed codes of conduct and traditional chivalric etiquette. We appear blind to not only the nature of our enemy and his compendious battle plan, but also to the only defensive strategy currently available to us. As such, we will go extinct if we continue to pursue the paths that are as predictable as they are well-trodden. Extinction is the prize of the life form that cannot freely respond to environmental change.

The recent history of the White race signifies that it cannot survive; our voting habits, our toleration of treason, our inability to correctly identify an enemy, our singular impotence to withstand suicidal black propaganda, and our lack of any communal identity, marks us out as a race preparing itself for a premature funeral rite. Those that consider “saving” the White race as it presents itself contemporarily are inveighing against, it would seem, Mother Nature herself.

Understanding – and accepting – that we are fatally flawed against rivals who have thus far been expertly proficient at unraveling our deficiencies and who are capable of distorting those unique and unparalleled qualities that originally created our tribe, is the first tentative step on a journey that leads to a more sagacious and valuable appreciation of who we really are, where we have faltered, and how we can ascend the evolutionary stratification of human life on planet Earth.


We hereby offer what we consider to be the most germane issues pertaining to our present predicament:


Comprehension No. 1 – We were evolving, but we have strayed



Our racial group has accomplished more than any other throughout human history. If there were to be an example of Homo Superior then it would be reflected in the aqueous humour of those who engineered the great European civilisations and their resplendent attainments in every sphere of endeavour. We have, however, and in present times, detectably failed to adapt to our changing circumstances and have, due to the phenomenal efforts of a tribe commonly known as the Jews, as well as psychopathic elements among our own race, developed a psychosis contemptuously termed Liberalism.


Because of numerous impositions, such as the importation of millions of non-Whites throughout the Occident, malevolent anti-White and White Guilt propaganda, and the destruction of a healthy public dispossession towards nationalism – due to the destruction of National Socialist Germany during the middle of the last century – our group development has been largely inhibited.


Our ethnic sept has been stretched to such an extent that comparing an individual from the lower spectrum (the truly tolerant liberal herd animal) with an individual from the polar opposite (the fully awakened racialist) draws a distinction that is so vast that if such differences were indicated in Homo sapiens during the Neolithic period, they would belong to competing tribes and their offspring would presumably not interbreed due to immense social pressures and, given time, geographic impediments – the primary being distance.


Those at the far end of the White racial spectrum are not exclusively emotionally and spiritually impaired, they are also prepared to debase their genetic inheritance through miscegenation and empirically deny physical reality in all its conspicuous glory.


At the nearer edge of the White racial spectrum we can observe a – relatively – tiny collection of individuals who, although they understand their impending fate, have nothing in the way of a tangible model to effect their escape and they grasp blindly at various propositions, including flagellating themselves before those at the furthest end of the broader, tribal spectrum in an ill-judged and deluded attempt to call attention to our conjoint fate.


This spiral of felo de se and ethnic denial identifies to our enemies that we are in fact a race played out. Nevertheless, the extinction of one type often heralds the inception of another; that is the way of evolution.


Comprehension No. 2 – A minority within a minority of a minority


At the time of writing the White race constitutes between 10–15% of the world’s human population, which, numerically, easily denotes our people as a minority. Within this fraction of mankind, those who seriously contemplate the existence of our racial group (and for the purposes of expediency, let them be referred to as White nationalists) amount to another minority group.


In the company of this category is another minority, those individuals who are perfectly and unreservedly cognizant of our plight and who perceive our congenital Aryan Morality as our Achilles heel. This minority of a minority of a minority shun the monist perspective that someone or something else is to blame for our misfortunes. This elite acknowledges the role of other competing tribes in our rapid decline, but they are similarly conscious of significant historical anomalies that cannot be accounted for without connections being established to our racial moral code. We have described our Aryan Morality thusly:



This is our sense of fair play, tolerance, charity, chivalry, universal justice, and equality; it is why we generally abhor cruelty to animals, including humans; it is why there is a global ‘conservation’ movement; it is why the other races and sub-species of planet Earth have not been exterminated by our kind over the course of our own technological evolution. Our Aryan Morality is quite possibly totally incompatible with any sense of true racism or tribal loyalty, something which we will require in order to exist as a unique and defined human sub-species.


A great many Zionists, for instance, have gained the upper hand within our traditional societies by subverting our inherent instincts and exploiting our natural flaws. This cabal cannot compete with us in terms of genius, empire building, or the creation of civilisation and, as these achievements broadly represent the font of all wealth, they seek us out as vampire bats flock to domesticated mammals. A healthy, racially-aware, and homogenous White society will dominate and tame the environment and its inhabitants; it will invent and develop and create works of unique brilliance and cultural significance. A White society corrupted by greed, permissiveness, and racial integration has lost its defensive resilience against nefarious alien influence.


Competing racial groups have, by mitigating their own native flaws (i.e., their obvious inability to contend with us on the battlefield) and forcing White nations to play to their strengths (e.g., intrigue, politics, debt-finance, deceit, and so on) created the conditions in which they themselves flourish and subsequently reap the immediate, material benefits. The results of these endeavours are inevitably disastrous for our own tribe. It is ironic that our destruction would almost certainly signal the downfall of international Jewry as no other racial entity could tolerate the idiosyncrasies of the “chosen people” as we historically have – especially considering the undisguised hypocrisy and coercive nature of the state of Israel and the injury caused in the modern era as a result of rapacious, blanket usury.


Persons anchored to this malleable mental apparatus are at a great disadvantage when presented with an enemy willing and able to subvert and re-engineer this previously exclusive and healthy characteristic.


White nationalists, although aware of the nature of the enemy and often the possessors of an encyclopedic knowledge of our dilemma, are unable to concede that this ancient hallmark of our kind was largely rendered inoperative during the recasting of our position on an increasing international stage, something that has occurred due to our own technical genius and expansionism.


The formative members of the New Tribe – the tiny minority within a minority – not only comprehend the impact of the Aryan Morality on our quiddity, but a handful have in fact not even developed this as a universal, pan-racial trait or are at least capable of restricting its distinct influence to a large degree.


Comprehension No. 3 – Existing under enemy occupation


Once our true nature is understood we can give meaningful thought to the intercontinental tyranny that hold us in thrall. We become compelled to admit that our nation states have been conquered by the psychosis of Liberalism, which is in fact the unavoidable synthesis of our Aryan Morality – finding its maturation in the context of a globalised human world – and its cruel choreography by an enemy who has perspicaciously analysed our race soul.


White countries exist on a sliding scale of decrepitude but almost all have been vanquished by the anomalous mass psychosis and, as a consequence, are now in the hands of our tribal enemies and racial apostates. “Enemy” is neither a hyperbolic nor fantastical description of the alliance availed against us; as a result of the policies of universal socialism (furthering egalitarian dogma) and international free trade (promoting mass non-White immigration), combined with a concerted effort to undermine traditional European values and instill within the Occidental psyche a blood libel connected with supposed historical misdemeanours, our people accept suicide as the pinnacle of a malformed evolutionary path. They have had Forever replaced with Today and therefore act as children might given the means to dress themselves for the working, tax-paying milieu.


Every aspect of our lives has been prudently crafted to work against our genetic inheritance. Our democratic political system ensures that the Mob, those most numerically superior but intellectually and spiritually inferior, enjoy the biggest political influence. This situation has culminated in unscrupulous men attaining positions of political dominance, those not only schooled in the anti-White arts but to who self service eclipses national service in every single respect. The faces of the ephemeral, materialistic, soulless herd are amply reflected in the noxious political pool of traitors, renegades and ardent exponents of White racial amelioration.


In creative pursuits and activity, in business, in taxation, in law, in academe, in media, in town planning, identical conditions exist and to underplay any intrinsically destructive ingredient is to misalign the links in the chain of our subjugation. The advance scouts and stormtroopers of our enemies have flattened our resolve and now their mercenary hordes are flooding, unopposed, through the heavy but yawning gates.


To deny that our kind exists beneath enemy occupation is also to openly confess that there were not veiled objectives and everlasting ramifications of the second fratricidal world war. In European racial terms there was no victory: Capitalism proliferated and became fully-fledged Super Capitalism or international finance capitalism. Communism – the red-faced sibling of Capitalism – injected its deformed gamete into our consciousness, binding with our Aryan Morality, and a crippling new variant universalism was born. Nationalism, in contrast, was consigned to a mass grave where the bodies of the starved or the butchered lay contorted in their millions. Race was eruditely repackaged as a “social construct” and sealed with the insignia of the great memetic devil.


Incarcerated in this stifling slaughterhouse, our destiny – for those who still possess the faculty for rational thought – will be to vanish forever as a distinct and peerless people. Belief that we can reconfigure our lot while remaining the subjects of total psychological warfare and gradual genetic replacement through miscegenation or massacre, is absolute fallacy.


Comprehension No. 4 – Racial Intentional Communities



Existence is barely comparable to survival. At present we live, in the literal and unembellished sense, but there is no future for our kind and our long term survival cannot be assured given the following two variables: 


1) the prolongation of the status quo or;

2) abrupt chaos.


Unless we take full responsibility for our continuance then we rely on incorporeal hope and the daydreams of the followers of the preternatural, which readily apportions to us the appellation of slaves.


When presented with the evidence – and having not recoiled from any pertinent fact – it is clear that there is but one option available to us, that of segregation, consolidation and incorporation.


It is incumbent on us to remove ourselves spiritually from the hostile climate that pervades the West; physically we must reinforce a movement and secure a power base; and in fusion, we must begin to draw upon the most robust elements of the existing tribe to share in our vision of a future independent from the poisonous umbilical cord that presently drains our vitality while at the same moment replaces it with a cocktail of unnatural credos, dystopic “life choices” and a virus that catalyses the most damaging integrants of our deep-rooted morality.


We start by transforming the microcosm (ourselves) and then creating a macrocosm within which we may flourish and advance our objectives. Those who find themselves within the minority cubed are prepared as architects of the macrocosm which will become our New Social Order. The genesis of this protracted process manifests itself in racial intentional community building. And we cannot under emphasise the realisation that what we are embarking upon will take decades to come to full fruition and an even greater expanse of time before our New Order begins to guide the destiny of a burgeoning New Tribe.


Although every prospective target area will require a bespoke approach in relation to its eventual incorporation, the following methodology should be adhered to.


1) Investigation

The most essential feature of any venture. Research should be undertaken in relation to general logistics, demographics, voting history, community relations with governmental authority, general and specific infrastructure and amenities, employment, crime, municipal concerns, social cohesion, etc.


2) Location

The final selection of a target area.


3) Establishment

The relocation of Pioneers into a chosen target area.


4) Entrenchment

The interaction of the Pioneers with the present citizens of a target area. Emphasis must be placed on community relations: exclusive events staged and social groups are to be formed; local issues exposed and addressed as effectively as possible.


5) Cultivation

Local councillors must be converted or replaced with Pioneers. Promising members of the existing Old Order community should be cautiously vetted, enlisted and actuated. All newly created employment and volunteer undertakings must be insular and benefit only the target area(s).


6) Investment

The introduction of additional Secondary Adopters and activists into a target area. The procurement of land and further residential and commercial premises.


7) Governance

De facto control of a target area through the will of the people and the guidance of Pioneers and activists.


8) Replication

Locating a similar potential target area or providing assistance to an already established venture elsewhere within enemy occupied Europe.


Every White nationalist must at some point support these measures. The sloughing off of the abstraction that our superannuated nation can be salvaged or reworked is of the utmost important. Adherence to enervated political and ideological dogmas, that have served only to squander precious energy and resources – to say nothing of creating deep schisms – must be discontinued. All racially conscious White individuals and organisations must completely submit to the idea before the next stage can find a foothold.


By submitting to the truth that only concurrent White communities – underpinned by all racially conscious comrades no matter their present economic or social position – can cradle our people and protect our right to at least attempt to survive, White nationalists will begin working towards the resettlement of enemy territory and gradually evince an animated sovereignty to which we will owe our entire allegiance and will effectively buttress with our will, assets and, given time, bodily presence.


Comprehension No. 5 – The birth of a Natio within a Nation


The word nation is derived from the Latin nãtiõ meaning ‘breed, race, people’. During the modern epoch, our nations were reduced to hostels where bipedal replicants fund our enemy’s death grip and commercialised fecundity of our competitors while depriving themselves of freedom of choice, association and the opportunity to govern their own destiny and maintain their genetic inheritance. The notions of breed, race and people have been supplanted by overarching personal excise, tolerance and the diminution of life and living to an experience where stimulation is valued above spiritual and national (racial) sustenance. These immense agglomerations of atomised individuals are no longer nations, they are planetary regions composed of domesticated mortal units; flesh and blood commodities to be traded, exploited and slaughtered on a thoroughly industrial and global magnitude.


A true nation is an inculcation; a exhibition of the ‘breed, race, people’ composing the essential minerals of a living community that sustains and nourishes its component parts. The formation of racial intentional communities across the Britain isles, and the entire White world, will give rise to authentic nations, bonded by a common purpose, an implicit duty and a sense of genetic providence.


Owing to the realisation that we dwell within enemy occupied territory, our new nation will gestate within the body of the decaying vestige of the old. Not only will this non-symbiotic relationship mask our infant natio during its formative years, it will also permit resources to be better apportioned by investing in existing – though obsolete – societal settlements. In this way the cost of living space is simplified and land prices become largely peripheral.


Trading amongst racial intentional communities will come to personify the arterial, mercantile network of our new nation. The vital fluid that lubricates every mechanical integrant of the tyrannical regime, fiat currency – incorporating the concomitant credit/debit slave matrix – will be circumnavigated by our veracious national congregations.


All Old Order effects must be discharged by our new nation, including infant and school-level educational institutions, parliamentary politics, and the distracting, disparaging mass media of controlled news and futile entertainment. Our own salutary programmes will be developed and those residing within our sphere of influence will enjoy a significant existence; producing for the nation what the nation needs in order for it to reciprocate, both materially and metaphysically.


Throughout the developmental stages of our nation we will of course be required to pay tribute to our tyrants and persist, in part, to endure their obtrusions, but so long as our sights are firmly fixed on the glorious day when our enemy’s authority is mortally impaired, we must endure and we will continue to construct and instruct in turn.


Our enemies will eventually be forced to negotiate with our new nation. This is inescapable due to the complexion of the civilisation they have moulded for themselves – an unhappy byproduct that perhaps they did not fully divine but which threatens to engulf them also.


Comprehension No. 6 – Outlasting our enemies and our defective morality


Our nation will be endowed with the attributes necessary to outlive our crumbling multi-racial and culturally barren societies. Practically every stratagem of our enemy revolves around the twin suns of self-gratification and vampirism; their greed is limitless but they produce nothing and they successfully maintain nothing. This purblind perspective and leitmotif of decadence and destruction is transitory by its very nature. It is analogous to modern international consumer capitalism whereby the “First World” consumers reach a critical mass when they fail to produce enough to fund consumption and are insufficiently credit-worthy to satiate their lust for junk and gadgets. The living standards of the consumers rapidly deteriorate – due to exceptional disparities in income levels – and will eventually more closely resemble that of the “Third World” producers, whose sole market becomes, temporarily and unsustainably, internal demand.


The fundamental and often overlooked driving force behind the assembly and perpetuation of our nation is the production of healthy children. It is crucial that large families are encouraged and that the instruction of our offspring is accepted as a convention. We have long neglected our responsibilities to the race in terms of its quantitive aggrandisement and in relation to the spiritual nurturing of our young, instead transporting them to the savage indoctrination camps of our enemies and their lunatic satellites. Inadequate family size and insufficient parental guidance is a material crime against our new natio.


In breaking the connection between our numerous children and our enemies we can engender within them a new morality, one that will endure as perpetually exclusivist, concerning itself with the advancement and succour of our new nation and tribe. But it must come to be more acute still, negating the distinctive psychic projection that has so blighted our existing ethicality. In this respect we must develop an unsurpassed mental toughness and our memories must become capacious and elongated; we should learn to relearn lessons within a structured syllabus of prescient cognition until it alters our collective subconsciousness for all time. The prejudices and stereotypes that our masters currently censure will be reexamined, refined and entrenched within our aggregate folk identity never to be encumbered by outlanders.


Through our supreme intellect, our technical proficiencies, and our steadily increasing birthrate, bolstered by financial incentives (initially functional gifts donated by all members of the natio and presented to parents upon the birth of a newborn; growing to munificent remuneration following our multiplication and diversification), we will endure beyond the timespan of the competing tribes that have colonised our homelands, as well as the remnants of the obsolete tribe whose faint, crimson sun is slowly setting.


Comprehension No. 7 – The coming New Tribe



There will either be a New Tribe – one that distinguishes itself as heterogeneously dissimilar to the current iteration of our kind and, for reasons as pivotal as survival and progression, must divorce itself from it and every malign fixture that our enemies have attached to its communal animus – or the planet will ultimately witness the last White child to be born following the mass biological elimination of a race.


The history of the New Tribe will be cemented in exclusive and racial intentional communities; from a nation within a terminal nation.


Our New Tribe will be, quite simply, superior to the old; sired in the crucible of compos mentis racial communities, nutrified by a truly organic nation, and inspired by a vision of the divine. Exhibiting personal and associative qualities that are devoid in the rump race, the New Tribe will be immune to the precocious munitions of our enemies and will not accept alien incursions, whether they be aggressive or benign, into their homelands.


The latent potentiality of the New Tribe is limited only by our contemporary actions. What is dormant in us now will be scrutinized and brandished by those who will surpass us. Our task is to disseminate to our posterity the knowledge that they must survive no matter the cost and endow them with functioning, secure living space bereft of the intrusions of our racial enemies so that they might consummate their position as the highest form of life on this planet.


Our Future


In one thousand years, in 3013, over thirty generations of our kind would have been born. Within them the divine spark of our species will burn incrementally until it spills across the horizon of potentiality with an uncontrollable brilliance. Their imaginings and achievements will be beyond our own comprehension and their beauty unlike anything we are likely to witness during our short service to the race. The accumulation of our heroism, our artistic flare, our critical and logical intellect, and the fortunate but extraordinarily rare quirk of genius, which is unique among our kind, will eclipse those that today we consider to be the titans of our race. Our posterity will become aristocrats, transcending and surpassing the old tribe until the latter fades into legend.


Beyond this, five thousand years after the conception of the New Tribe, our DNA ascends to the heavens. The confines of terrestrial existence are shattered by angelic beings both stern and serene. The veiled forces of perpetuity will tempt them into the unknown expanses beyond our planetary assemblage and the voice of the infinite will speak to them. The colonisation of satellites within the warming embrace of our Earth’s star represents the severing of the umbilical cord from terra firma and the towering quest for self-realisation urges them ever upwards. To seek and to understand their role as vital atoms within the Whole; to explore the furthest twinkling objects in the cool blackness of the eternal macrocosm, that is their objective.


Ten thousand years after our deaths and our collective memories are still shared with the god-like entities that reach out across the rolling expanse of the heavens. Our infinite children will master the essence of existence and populate the galaxy. Their conjectures, technologies, and capacity for knowledge will be immeasurable. All eyes will settle upon them in awe and wonder. Due to their inability to compete for living space and resources, no other humanoid species exists in the solar system. The future unfolds like an immaculate, virgin canvas ready to receive subtle shades of colour, the nuances of which no precedent has been set.


One hundred thousand years after our seemingly insignificant struggle against genetic extermination and the New Gods have tamed the known universe and transcended contemporary concepts of civilisation, science, and artistic endeavour. Their glories are beyond the understanding of our primitive cerebral functions; their manifestation is that of the divine. After millennia of searching, these beings have finally achieved plenary self-realisation and the compunction to undertake their providential task overwhelms them, replicating the inaugural forces that silently exhaled life into the first elemental organic molecules on this planet; provoked the proto-amphibian to depart the warm primordial oceans; the early primates to fashion rudimentary tools from bone and stone; and a fraction of the White race to resist its imposed genocide. Finally our infinite timeline has been secured by the highest iteration of life ever to exist. Finally the sacrifices of our eminent tribe will have been ratified.




There exists a current that ebbs and flows through us as living vessels of the cause. For decades, sentient creatures are conceived and they flourish and fade during the ebb-time while others are fortunate enough to experience the flow. Some unique individuals have the capacity to harness this essence and, standing above it like heavenly bodies, they generate an energy that affects the very tide of life, it shifts its momentum and alters the current.


We stand before a tidal wave of change and we can sense the residual static that emanates from the awesome altering of the forces of the planet. We have been gifted with a vision of what might have been and that should both nourish us and drive us onward. It must not, however, be allowed to hinder or restrict our velocity. And, although our enemies crushed the tentative realisation of our potential, it is a fundamental law of known physics that energy cannot be destroyed.


All life is born and eventually ends, but some strands evolve within the gravitational polarity that exists between the twin constants of eternity. But our lives have slipped into the flowing current of the infinite, the process that serves the self-realisation of the cosmos itself. We consider our existence as an essential part of a greater whole, a whole to which millions of our kind have contributed and, with our eyes firmly fixed upon the radiating orb of a new dawn, upon whose mineralised remains we tread.


As individuals we must become the possessors of vast gravities able to attract everything of worth from the existing population while repelling all that is degenerate, myopic, meek and worthless. As a movement – and as in all things – we must replicate the microcosmic facets of our being. In the fullness of time, our New Order will come to befit its children and cast all else in shadow.


We should realise that there are no alternatives to victory, it is now everything or nothing; the choice between the light and the abyss; the choice between a dying race and a magnificent New Tribe.


Long Live the New Tribe!