One cannot completely and totally oppose the EU, without mentioning its anti-European agenda, the origins of which are undeniably and self-evidently Jewish, as are the staunchest promoters of a dysgenic, anti-European: ‘United States of Europe’, today and historically.

The way the EU is set up in terms of internal policy creation results intentionally in a situation whereby interest groups have more influence on the actions of the European Commission than do the national interests of each member state, this is openly admitted in academia.

This means groups like the European Jewish Parliament, European Jewish Congress, the international ADL and numerous other Jewish-centric organisations and lobby groups led by singular individuals such as Moshe Kantor (co-author of the policy suggestion paper ‘Model statutes for the promotion of Tolerance’) have more influence than any singular nation state on the formation of EU Commission policy.

The democratic deficit (technocratic dictatorship) inherent in the EU is also openly admitted within academia, not only is it admitted, it is stated that the lack of democracy was a deliberate part of the European Union, up until the formation of the European Parliament in 1979 this is self-evident, as from 1953-1979 the predecessor of the European Parliament was not even directly elected, neither was any part of the the EU as a whole in its prior formations, showing that the project for a federalist Europe, pushed by Jewish-Supremacists, was designed initially and intentionally without any direct democratic accountability, so that it could literally ignore and over-rule the opinions of the people of Europe to push ‘integration’ and the destruction of each unique European state and its people quicker.

-Like it still does to this day, in the same fashion that the Judeo-Bolshevik government of Russia and Ukraine ruled without any democratic accountability, resulting in the genocide of well over 100 million of its European population, including upwards of 7-18 million deaths in the Gulag-Achipelago and upwards of 14.5million deaths caused by deliberate periods of artificially created starvation or ‘socially fair economic policies’, particularly engineered by agricultural collectivization and regulations.

-Not dissimilar to the end-goal envisioned by Jewish-Supremacists for the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which has already resulted in the economic closure of thousands of farms in the UK since 1973 and the destruction of tens of thousands of farms in Germany, France and all over the European continent since 1962.

Only Jewish-Supremacists intent on using a governmental structure to deliberately exterminate the people within its borders through demographic warfare deliberately constructs its own governmental structure to go against public opinion, as was the project for a federal Europe from the start.


In addition to this, by definition, creating a “single European identity” is genocide, what is not often stated is that this European identity, is designed to include no ethnic European element and thus pave the way for an actual genocide, that will make the Judeo-Bolshevik holodomor and USSR Gulag exterminations look insignificant in comparison.

The Jewish ‘founding fathers’ of the genocidal-by-definition concept of the EU

Jean Monnet is considered the intellectual father of the European Union, he is also quite evidently Jewish, having been born into a Jewish merchant family, living in France, Jean Monnet spent his early life travelling around between trading centers for his families company and the rest of his life espousing and promoting a European federal state, with the aim of destroying the European people, he is openly called an ‘internationalist’ in academia.

The Jewish international pressure to enforce anti-white (masked as anti-racist) legislation into a future European federal state and the very idea to found a European federal state were clearly evident from as early as 1940, where Jews who “had been putting pressure on the Roosevelt Administration on this very point“(Fransen.F, “The Supranational Politics of Jean Monnet: ideas and origins of the European Community”,Greenwood publishing, 2001, pp.54) were holding meetings with various future heads of state, such as post-war French Prime Minister De Gaulle, to force the acceptance of the idea of a European federal state into the political elite before they were even in government, in the same way academia forces pro-EU sentiments into future politicians when they are still students, except the minority of aware students like myself or past figures such as Margaret Thatcher.

The Jewish attempts to create a singular European state are although much older, dating back to the founding purpose of the entirely Jewish: League of nations, which also was the same governmental body (alongside our traitorous monarchy) which marked out the Mandate of Palestine. As always the genocidal ambitions of the Jewish people are clear and obvious for all to see in relation to Europeans and Palestinians alike.

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972) was an anti-European racist, he espoused that the founding purpose of a European federalist state would be to destroy the European people, not simply through reducing internal differences but through destroying Europeans entirely and replacing us with “a mixed race of Asians and negros”.

This quote is a horrific revelation, one that has been covered up by the mainstream media and academic, even though Kalergi-Coudenhove is mentioned in lectures on the origin of the European Union, the majority white Politics students who study the EU in todays universities are evidently never told this fact, that the very same people they are taught advocated for a European federal state as early as 1925, did so for the primary, malicious, abhorrent, criminally genocidal aim of destroying the European people themselves, directly. Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the 1922 pan-European movement, with the support of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish international support agency for Jewish political interests, B’nai B’rith helped push Coudenhove-Kalergi and his vile, anti-European racist ideology into the political mainstream and the top of political circles. In 1932 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi composed a preface for a new edition of his father’s condemnation of antisemitism and in Praktischer Idealismus, in which he said the following:

“Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race… similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples…Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will… Turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros… through this artificial selection process.”

The Coudenhove-Kalergi legacy is still strong in pro-European circles at the top of government, even through the average, nieve pro-Eu student has no idea of its existence, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded to heads of state and technocrats who ruthlessly push the the EU.

Notably President Van Rompuy, otherwise known as the “Damp Rag” was awarded this prize.

The Communist-East German educated Chancellor Merkel (aChristian-Democrat) was also awarded this prize in 2010.

Proving that Jewish international lobby groups and awards groups use such prizes and international manipulation to force heads of states to work in accordance with fundamentally Jewish genocidal plans. This is beyond dispute.

Alteiro Spinelli (31 August 1907 – 23 May 1986) is another inborn communist who is known as one of the “Founding Fathers of the European Union”, it is no surprise that he was a member of the Italian communist party, he and another communist subversive Ernesto Rossi wrote what is known as the Ventotene Manifesto, which advocates a United States of Europe, in order to hold Germany down, under the facade of preventing war and overcoming the so-called ‘German problem’ (the problem from the Jewish perspective that Germany is innately pure and brilliant and its existence has in the past prevented Jewish power over Europe).

World War 2 is used as the excuse for the expansion of the EU, under a facade of preventing war, in actual fact it is simply about preventing individual European nations, especially Germany and England from rising up against Jewish power as we have done throughout our histories, by dragging us down and attempting to destroy our very existences, as Coudenhove-Kalergi’s book “Praktischer Idealismus” outlines and admits in its genocidal hubris.

Like the legacy of Coudenhove-Kalergi, Spinelli’s communist legacy is still worshipped and followed by Jewish subversives to this day, in the form of the Spinelli group in the European Parliament, led by subversives like Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Guy Verhofstadt. Spinelli’s aftermath also lingers like a foul anti-european odour in intellectual discussions within academia, although it is not often taught that Spinelli was a Communist subversive who was imprisoned for his communist subversion.

Deutsche is another one of the Jewish Founding Fathers of the EU:

“Karl Wolfgang Deutsch (1912–1992) was born in Prague in 1912 to Jewish parents”

His mother was a Czech Jew elected to Parliament who was known for her anti-Nazi rhetoric and activities (or anti-germanic racism, because she as a Jew did not want Germanic folk to have a government that cares about our existence).

Deutsche himself was dissallowed to return to university due to his vile anti-Germanic activism. Not only was the manipulatively named Karl ‘Deutsche’ a proponent of the anti-Germanic and anti-European federalist idea of a United States of Europe, he was also a participant in the San Francisco conference that was crucial in the founding of the United Nations in 1945.

Karl Deutsche is also appealed to as a Jewish ‘political scientist’ on the subject of the EU, who also spent considerable effort in defiling nationalism in his time in academia. Jews like Deutsch partook in the academic manipulation of public opinion (through manipulating the opinions of students) on subjects such as the EU and the UN.

David Mitrany is another Jewish so called intellectual who’s modern teachings (that lie about and hide the true, genocidal reasons for ) explaining EU expansion have been instrumental in ensuring pro-EU support of the political and academic classes.

“David Mitrany’s strong internationalism, and ability to feel at home in Germany, Britain and the United States, was probably the result of being born Jewish”

David Mitrany (1888–1975) was a so called leading scholar in Political theory, specialising in explaining how the EU came into being and continues to expand, under a school of thought called ‘international functionalism, (“This internationalist tradition favoured integration …and the development of international, rather than national, institutions as a solution to the human problems of want and war” )which attempts to diagnose the reasons why the EU was founded and has since expanded to include 28 states and continues to grow in its domination of legislation (the EU produces 80% of all our legislation) and blame a complex series of abstracts functional reasons and factors rather than the the obvious reason: Jews pushing and promoting the EU for over a century, as is clear and obvious to anyone who can look outisde the controlled academic ‘debate’ (or facade) on the EU.

Ernst Bernard Haas (1924 – March 6, 2003) is a Jewish academic, who founded the ‘neofunctionalist’ approach to the EU in an effort to divert away from the Jewish origins of the concept and genocidal plan for a federal European union, Haas was “born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1924 to a secular Jewish family” (like the majority of the founding teachers at the infamous Frankfurt school) he believed in undermining European states, especially Germany, for the intention of destroying and controlling them, out of sheer anti-European racial bigotry and supremacist delusions.

Another Neo-functionalist manipulator was Leon Lindbergh, among other manipulators who divert discussions of the EU away from the obvious international Jewish lobbying and intellectual and governmental corruption causes are Stanley Hoffmann andAndrew Moravcsik, who all espouse a federalist EU, and who deliberately divert the discussion of the origins of the EU into pointless academic circular discussions about economic causal factors, when the reality is visibly and undeniably as a result of Jewish lobbying, intellectual and governmental corruption efforts, motivated by sheer anti-European and especially anti-Germanic racist, in-fact genocdial hatred, that emanates from these Jewish ‘scholars’ and ‘intellectuals’, who terrorized and pressured European academia and therefore all future (mainstream) government officials into accepting their account of the history and rationale behind the EU.

The entire academic facade on the EU has been controlled by Jewish Supremacists, David Mitrany himself is an ethnic Jew of Romanian origin, it is clear that this control of the EU debate ensures all elected politicians (as they all go through the same pro-EU classes at university as I am going through right now) leave university with the same world-view of the EU and are taught that EU expansion is natural and good, when in fact, as history has proven, and this article details, it is un-natural, and is enacting an un-deniable genocide of the European people.

The Jewish control of academic discussion through the Jewish self-promotion or creation of ‘leading-scholars’ on the subject, whose artificial authority is then used to dominate all discussion on the EU, prevents students from finding out the truth about the EU, through discovering its self-evident Jewish origins and then contrasting that with the fact that the EU is destroying our race, nation, economy, military, environment, history and culture.

The academic false-dichotomy between the Jewish theory of international functionalism or neo-functionalism and the Jewish theory of inter-governmentalism is set up to deliberately deny students the possibility of discovering the genocidal, and anti-democratic truth behind the EU, and the fact that these theories exist only as a facade to prevent students from seeing the truth about the EU.

This is important as it is the fundamental reason as to why our entire political establishment supports the EU, as they have all been educated in the Kalergi-Coudenhove, Jean Monnet or David Mitrany schools of thought about the processes and purposes of further genocidal EU expansion.

The reality of expansion of the EU and its origins cannot be explained in either the Neo-functionalist, international functionalist or inter-governmentalist approaches, why? -Because all of these theories cannot work because they ignore the single biggest causal factor: Jewish international lobbying, and the systematic and generational corruption of politics through academic by these ‘Jewish-intellectual’ appointed ‘Jewish Intellectuals’.

The reason academia cannot analyze and come to an agreement or even a coherent theory about how the EU has maintained so much support as a concept through all of the Political class and then as a reality since the 1950s, is because academia, through Jewish activism in literally occupying academic as much as Jews occupy Palestine, is part of that reason why the EU retains political support and why it even had support as a concept back in the 1920s.

Academia is also disallowed, by the Jewish intellectual and physical occupation that exists within it, from discussing the self-evidently and undeniably ethnically Jewish ideological founding fathers of the federal European Union and their racist anti-European motivations and anti-German ethnic obsessions, thus the mainstream arguments analyzing why the concept of a European federal state was created in the first place, why the EU now exists in the form it does, why it finds so much support in the political elite and decreasing support among the general public are prevented from getting near the truth, by being diverted by the false dichotomy that exists in academic, between two Jewish ideological schools of thought: neo-functionalism and inter-governmentalism.

In essence: The Jewish-authored theories dictate the type of question asked about the EU and thus dictate the type of answer that academia is allowed to find.

The Jewish ideological anti-Germanic and thus anti Noble-European sentiment is clear, as it is openly admitted that the EU was about containing the ‘German problem’.

The racist double standards of the liberals in academia is obvious, in that if instead of the ‘German problem’, German was replaced with Jewish (‘Jewish problem’), all these liberal academic staff would complain and call it anti-semitism, but when Jewish-Supremacist lecturers and tribally-appointed lecturers have manipulated the entire debate into literally focusing and legitimizing anti-Germanic racial political ideas, they do not even notice, let alone complain.

At its core the EU is anti-Germanic, anti-Nole-European, this is the truth, all these Jewish theory’s divert around, in order to maintain generational support for the EU in wave after wave of student, who then go on to become political staff and politicians who take this Jewish created false-dichotomy to Westminster or Brussels with them, resulting in the horrific, culturally and racially genocidal expansion of the EU, despite even periods of so called ‘Euro-sclerosis’ or natural public increases in Euro-skepticism.

The EU as an undemocratic anti Noble-European institution.

The Council of ministers drives through legislation, at the behest of interest and lobby groups, regardless of the opinions of national states and their population, with the rubber stamp parliament of the European Parliament doing nothing but debating in futility on legislation it cannot substantially alter if the council of ministers so desires. ‘Supra-national actors’ play a major role in the formation of EU policy, and Jewish supra-national (above national or ‘international’) actors indeed created the entirety of the EU, and every prior format it existed as and the very concept of a United States of Europe as early as the 1920s, arguably even since 1866 with the creation of the failed ‘Latin monetary union‘, again driven by Jewish-Surpemacists, which collapsed in 1927, which coincided with the main start of efforts to establish a Europe wide federal state as articulated in genocidal terms by the likes of Coudenhove-Kalergi, as aforementioned.

The ECSC was designed not in order to benefit the economies of Europe, but in reality, as admitted in academia, it was an effort to remove the control of core industries essential for heavy industry and to ‘place them in the hands of international agents’, especially the German Ruhr coal mining area.

This was enacted under a facade of preventing war, by ‘confiscating’ resources essential for war, and putting them in the hands of impartial international-governmental bodies, in order to literally make it impossible for European nations to go to war, not just against themselves but against the newly formed Jewish state, a line of anti-European ‘logic’, that is followed today with institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank which can crush an European nations finances within hours, as it routinely does to Greece, it also set up a system of redistribution from the wealthy Germany, Sweden,Denmark, UK and France to the proportionally less productive (wealth is a measure of productivity) mediterranean EU countries.

The European Court of Justice and European Court of Human rights, are instrumental to the anti-European European Union, under the facade of human rights and ‘justice’, they rule in accordance with the EU constitution and European convention on Human rights, not in accordance with real natural rights or real justice, they in their effect do nothing other than rule against governments and individual groups that attempt to slow down or obstruct further expansion of the political hegemony of the EU.

They care nothing for rights or justice and are legal bodies that ensure the destruction of European rights and European nation states and the people within them, gradually ruling by ruling. Every aspect of the EU and in all its prior formats from the ECSC and EEC have sought to do nothing other than to pursue the anti-European ideology of their Jewish founding fathers.

Timeline of the expansion of the creation and expansion of the anti-European genocidal EU:

1948: The European union of Federalists, led by Jews and their corrupted European followers outlined the ‘need for a European union’ following on from prior private meetings.

1948: US marshall aid program put as one of its requisites: that European states seek further integration.

1948: Israel declared as a state, Jews then have their own homeland, from which they can freely spite Europe without regard for the conditions internally within European states.

1949: Council of Europe convened its meeting and the “Schuman proposal was issued”

1949: Israel recognized as a state by the Jewish-Supremacist dominated US government, that also pushed for the creation of European internal integration efforts.

1951: The European Coal and Steel community came into existence after the 1951 treaty of Rome, which openly states its aim was to create a ‘technocratic revolution’:

 “to lay the foundations for an ever closer union among the European peoples. By establishing a common market and progressively approximating the economic policies of member states”

The treaty of Rome sought to remove barriers to the Marxist degeneration plan of ensuring free movement of peoples, capital and goods inside Europe to undermine the homogeneity of Europe ensuring a dysgenic situation and slowing down technological and scientific development by reducing competition between states, that had previously been the engine for the success of European innovation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18519395

1957: Treaty of Paris, outlining what Winston Churchill* advocated: “a United States of Europe”

*It is well known that Winston Churchill’s financial debts were written-off by Jews after a substantial Griffin-like debt accumulation in the 1930s, resulting in his obedience throughout the rest of his life, Winston Churchill also wrote in his autobiography, near the end that “the Jews always get want they want in the end”, Winston Churchill was a depressed, stroke-afflicted pessimist, warmonger and war-criminal, who betrayed the English people and all European people by advocating for a “United States of Europe”

1965: the EEC (prior verion of the EU) pushed for control of its own budget, showing its tyrannical objectives, this was defeated by the French President De Gaulle resulting in the ‘Empty chair crisis’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxembourg_compromise

1967: De Gaulle Vetos the UK EEC application, saving us from so much damage that would have occurred had we joined the EEC that early instead of in 1973

1973: UK, Denmark and Ireland join the EEC, under a manipulated pro-EU political class, all at the same time after international Jewish lobbying, starting the destruction of North-West Europe inside the EEC

1987: Single European Act: creation of a single market, a further removal of trade duties

1992/3: Treaty on European Union /Maastricht Treaty: created a singular European security and Foreign policy, overriding national interests and created the Euro, replacing gradually the native currencies of successive member states of the EU

1995: Schengen Agreement: the removal of immigration controls in numerous EU member states

1997: Treaty of Amsterdam: preparation for the genocidal expansion of the EU, bringing in South Eastern European nations into common borders with Germanic, Nordic and Frankish Europe.

2001: Treaty of Nice, enforcing the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy)

2004: Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (TCE); rejected for its totalitarian measures of establishing an EU constitution by the French and Dutch in 2005, it never passed.

2009: Treaty of Lisbon (Reformed treaty) A version of the EU constitution re-packaged from the failures of the TCE in 2004/5, enforcing an effective EU constitution by stealth. The EU now makes 80% of laws and has increased immigration inside the EU to genocidal levels by over 2800% (by removing all of the internal borders of each of the 28 member states, now including Romania and Bulgaria).

2011: The European Jewish Parliament established

2013: The rise of UKIP and majority anti-EU sentiments all over Europe

2014: ‘British’ Jews launch formal ‘Jewish EU Manifesto’